Employment Considerations

When you are ready to change there are several employment considerations you should consider. Dr. Danny Barringer did his dissertation project on the key areas Athletic Trainers should condsider before making the move.

Employment Consideration

The Problem:

The Athletic Trainer applying for a job did not know what to ask and what to look for.

COVID really underscores the need to know and clarify the expectations of your job

Three main employment consideration models: 

School District



Source of Funding

School District – city/state/federal level

Are you going to be teaching anything?

Does the school only need to cover the stipend?


Typically from a hospital

Are you an at-will employee?

Will you be furloughed?


Usually, funding comes from the school district to the third party.

Job Expectation

School District – 

The AT knows the hours are long but usually has summers off.

May have to supervise student aides


Hours are usually better regulated

But typically working year-round (finding more business)


When are you on the clock, when you leave the house or arrive on site?

Supervision of PRN ATs


Much more freedom of schedule

Consider who will keep the documents and records

Varying policies and procedures between sites

Human Resources

School District – 

Teaching with stipend

A clinician with or without teaching responsibilities

Summer camps

# of days on contract




HR may not know what you do and who you are. 

Make sure you have liability and physician oversight

Stark Law/referrals


  • No benefits / HR Access
  • Liability and physician orders are on your own

Immediate Supervisor

School District

  • Typically and Athletic Director (hopefully we are moving away from this)
  • Principal
  • Superintendent


  • You could be reporting to a clinician
  • Maybe a CEO or CFO
  • Contracted Schools ADs


  • Physician
  • Tournament Director
  • School AD

Location Specific Nuances

School District

  • Rural vs. Urban
  • Physician/clinical staff


  • Clinical space access
  • Multiple offices


  • Could but constantly changing

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