Long COVID – define it. 

Symptoms after a covid infection that last past 3 months

Resurfacing of a past issue like asthma

Long Covid

Share some of your story. 

Exposed on March 8th

Symptomatic on March 16

Body aches, shortness of breath

Sprint run chest burning

Mental fog – it was hard to learn new things

Exacerbated an autonomic condition

I tried to keep going but some friends did an intervention

You recently presented at two conferences about Long COVID.  Give me the cliff notes.

San Diego Pain Summit – more theoretical and it is available to watch for free

NJATS – practical and scientific application for the Athletic Trainers

Some settings no longer require an RTP.  What are your thoughts?

Most RTP does not address Long COVID

Encourage Cardiac testing

Breathing symptoms and cognitive symptoms

How do you tell the difference between out of conditioning, a cold, and long COVID?

Look at a normal deconditioning response indicator like heart rate

The aerobic system is broken.

People with cardiopulmonary testing or rehab do worse on day two, typically much worse.

It may be hard for athletes to verbalize their needs and concerns.  It was hard for me as a grown adult medical provider to recognize and verbalize my needs.

The heart rate does not match what they are doing.

When I shower it may be 150 where I am 120 bpm walking upstairs.

Do they seem like they are getting sick from exercise?

What is the one take-home message for ATs dealing with Long COVID personally or professionally?

Make it simple

Crippling fatigue

PEM or PESE post-exertional symptom exacerbation

Breathing pattern disorders – hard breathing when they should not be

Mast cell activation syndrome

An estimated 50% of long covid will have autonomic dysfunction

Heat illness is a major concern

LongCOVID Physio – a group for medical providers struggling – peer support

Stop rest and think

Be intentional

Have conversations early and often

Altered taste and smell is a thing with COVID

This can lead to difficulty with student-athletes getting proper nutrition

This is a Mass Disabling event


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