Neuro20 – Wayne Smith

Neuro 20 looks like a wet suit with electrodes for E-Stim built in. That is partially true, the materials a spandex or Dri-fit type material, and Wayne and Michael share a lot more on the Sports Medicine Broadcast.

Give me the big picture. Background and origin of the idea.

Founder DJ Schmitt was injured during service and wanted to find a way to get healthy without taking so much medication. 

He used his electrical engineering degree to develop the first Neuro20 suit.

The suit is made up of a compression material(spandex).

Establish firing rates for healthy individuals and be able to choose for the AT/PT to know which one to use.

Where does the name Neuro20 come from?

20 large electrodes placed strategically to engage the maximum amount of motor neurons.

Who is using it right now in sports?


Olympic Athletes 


D1 Athletes

What are the most common applications of neuro20?



Active recovery

Motor education

Accessibility for the Athletic Trainer?

At the moment it is not accessible to the high school population because of privacy issues.

College-level or professional level

Can you set them up and “walk away?”

Patients can be set up and allowed to complete a workout session on their own.

  • One of our pro sports athletes uses it after games while on the plane for recovery.

Can I use Neuro20 with my high school athletes?

It is FDA-cleared for adult patients.  Some youth patients have used it with waivers and clearance from their doctors but that is not the target population.

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