Overtraining Risk Management of the Multisport Athlete – 277

Speaker’s Session
Speakers Slides
Speakers Follow up Interview

Me and Bubba took a road trip to South Padre Island to cover SPATS hosted by the Valley Athletic Trainer’s Association.  We recorded the sessions and interviewed almost all of the speakers.  Some of the recordings pick up noise, but this is a live event.

All the lectures and handouts have been uploaded and are now available on Google Drive.  

Once the school year resumes we will return to our regular format.

Thanks to

Robbie McFarlin @ FrioHydration.com  

Israel Montano

Jeff Darr

Bubba Wilson – my driving buddy

Jazmin Dozal  Nicole Cascia and several others for the contributions.

Also be sure you are signed up for the SMB Email List as there will be codes and prizes given out from that list for our partnership with SchoolHealth.com

SPATS is truly an awesome conference.  If you want to relax and learn and enjoy networking, camaraderie and island life, I highly recommend checking this out for yourself. Use the coupon code “SMB” and see if it gets you discount

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