J. Frank Dobie High School ATs Jesse and Christi – 3

This is our first ever podcast with two guest and two hosts and our first ever live studio audience.  Of course it had to be my Alma Mater J. Frank Dobie High School.  Jesse Lopez and Christi Keeler are both in their first year in the district and at Dobie, but they are not newbies to the profession.

3 Jesse Lopez and Christi Keeler from J. Frank Dobie

Matt Babisak and Pasadena Memorial – 2

2 Matt Babisak Pasadena Memorial HS

In the special Cinco de Mayo edition of the Sports Medicine BroadcastPasadena Memorial High School's Matt Babisak joins us. We regret not snapping some photos of Jaime yesterday but we are still young. Feel free to follow us on twitter, send the link out to our show, make suggestions, or email us to be a guest.

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30+ years at Pasadena High School with Bill Hale – 0

Episode 0: 30 plus years at PHS

So here is the long-awaited episode of The Sports Medicine Broadcast. This is the first interview-style broadcast featuring the host Jeremy Jackson aka “Jackson” and Bill “Doc” Hale. Bill has a lot of experience and tons of stories and knowledge. Check out the show, follow us on Twitter, leave comments or email us with questions or topics you would like to see addressed. You can also find the podcast in iTunes.