Rice University with Dawn Stuckey – 15

Episode 15 Rice University with Dawn Stuckey

Dawn is the Head Athletic Trainer at NCAA Division 1 Rice University.  On her off day from traveling with the team she came out here to Pasadena to meet with our students.  The best part about the interview are the questions and discussions that happen before the show starts.  I love being able to connect the students to the professional world.

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Life After the Athletic Training Room – 12

Episode 12 Life After the Athletic Training Room

Mr. Barrett takes a break from lunch duty at Dobie High School to share with us about the change in job from full time athletic trainer to administrator.  He worked at Lamar University, and a few high schools before stopping at Jackson’s alma mater.  My favorite part is the reason he made the switch.

Chad Barrett Bryan and Mr. B

Click HERE to view the article about trainers vs Athletic Trainers

Info for PISD's Special Olympics programs

Sports Psychology with Melissa Romell – 11

Episode 11 Sports Psychology with Melissa Romell

In my opinion psychology is the opposite of science, but with a little bit of persuasion from Melissa Romell I can see the value of psychology in sports. Once again our district is awesome at making resources available.  Melissa works as a teacher in our district and volunteers her time and services to help our students succeed.

Melissa Romell Sarah and Mariah


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Weight Loss on a Coach’s Schedule with David Sell – 10

We are glad to have the award-winning coach David Sell on to talk about weight loss on a very busy schedule. Not only is he a husband and father, but he is also a football and track coach with a full teaching load to top it off. Finding time to get healthy isn't easy but for Coach Sell life will never be the same.




LaShelle Brown – Outreach Athletic Trainer for Methodist – 9

Episode 9 Lashelle Brown Outreach Athletic Trainers

LaShelle joins us to discuss career options other than being employed full-time in a typical high school setting.  She works as an Outreach Athletic Trainer for the Methodist Hospital System providing care for many area schools and multiple events.  Our first attempt at this show encountered some problems, but thankfully this time worked.

Link: www.methodisthealth.com