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Owner of Performance Manual Therapy Mike Stella Joins the Sports Medicine Broadcast to talk about business and non traditional options for ATs

Mike is a Certified Athletic Trainer and Performance Enhancement Coach, but he mostly wants to be known as an EDUCATOR.

He became an AT because he was an injured athlete that slipped through the gaps of the healthcare system.

Treat People, NOT Injuries

Mike lives by this quote in his professional practice.

When people come in for treatment sessions they normally are greeted with a hug.

What is Performance Manual Therapy?

Mike Decided he would rather work 100 hours per week for himself than 40 hours per week for someone else.

He also knew he was really good at manual therapy and wanted to be able to do that for all of his patients and not be concerned with what a supervisor said was a waste of company time.

Performance manual Therapy and Movement Underground are what happens when passion and purpose join for an AT who loves manual therapy and treating patients.

What are the challenges Mike faces owning a business?

“I am not good at Admin stuff…even keeping track of my own schedule is tough for me…”

Working all day and then having to put in the extra work to do the admin part of the job is difficult.

This lifestyle is not for everyone.

Words of Wisdom

There is always a market for quality

None of us stand alone. We all received help to get here, we will need help to grow and will need to help others along the way.

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