Presidential Discussion – 634

NATA Presidential candidates Kathy Dieringer and Katie Flanagan join Cari Wood in answering some member-driven questions.

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Jill A. asks – Licensing in California – what’s the plan?

Katie Flanagan (KF): We need to pull back, circle the wagons and reconsider it

Kathy Dieringer (KD): It has gotten to the Governor’s desk multiple times…then vetoed but it does not pass due to politics. There is no lack of effort, but there are organizations working against us.

  • Continue to be persistent

Chris P – How will we work to expand Diversity in our field?

KF: Tripled our membership in 20 years but only increased diversity 3%

  • Diversity wins

KD: Diversity makes us stronger

  • NATA membership stat is about 80% caucasian
  • Other than the board our leadership does not reflect this number

Jeff K – What suggestions do you have for ATs to sustain viable employment due to the lack of sports?

KF: The secondary setting is hugely important and is a portion of what we do.

  • Use Go4Ellis
  • Be flexible and keep growing your skills
  • We need to think forward
  • Reach out to the NATA for additional resources

KD: We do not even know what is coming

  • We are great at responding and shifting
  • Advocate for yourself
  • Maximize your skillset
  • “Can I teach something else?”

Adam – What is the presidential plan for AT growth in rural areas?

KD: All about advocacy, collaboration with NFHS, principals…going to those meetings and getting facetime with those folks.

KF: Empower the local people and walk alongside them.

The NATA may be facing some financial difficulties due to canceling the annual convention.   How do you see that affecting the membership?

KD: Convention is a revenue producer, many ATs have been laid off.

  • What are the financial implications? this has to be considered.
  • Past treasurer of NATA
  • My business background will serve us well in this situation

KF: NATA has been very financially responsible and relies on several checks and balances.

  • NATA Offered ACES prep exam for the students getting ready for BOC exam
  • Creative thinking will be required

Secondary Schools – 

KD: It is where athletes are introduced to the AT for the most part

  • Collecting Data
  • Medical Autonomy
  • Pointing towards available resources
  • Monthly calls with chairs of committees and workgroups “What is working and not working?”

KF: they have rural and urban school settings and her students get to experience different settings.

  • The AT becomes the gatekeeper for the small schools and urban schools alike
  • Need to be flexible and know the situation to make them successful in that setting
  • Investigate equal representation for each type of secondary school

 Should we teach Sports Medicine in high schools:

KF: ATs are now has a seat at the table on the high school medical education

  • I could not do my job without my students…that creates a problem
  • Have them help collect data to show the need for help.

KD: HS ATs have a skill set of teaching

  • They are our preceptors…its what they do
  • The introduction to health professions is VERY important
  • Caution about teaching students skills that should only be practiced by and LAT BOC person
    • Student ATs were attending to the kid with a spleen injury…he almost died.
    • Perception is difficult when people think the students can do your job

Final Presidential Discussion remarks

KF: “I do not want to pretend to know everything.”

KD: “The most important thing is to be unified as a profession moving forward”

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