Pro Oxygen KT Tape with Dr. Stark

Dr. Shea Stark works KT Tape into her daily practice of treating patients as a chiropractor. KT Tape recently released the ProOxygen tape and her patients seem to like it.

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Dr. Stark, what is your favorite use of KT Tape?

Shoulders and knees

KT Tape is a supportive tape and not a structural tape.

It is less of a restrictive tape.

Joint decompression

What is your least favorite?

I do not like to use it around the feet or hands because it does not hold up well.

Taping in a crease can really irritate the skin.

A lot of patients record the taping so they can replicate

Tips and Tricks

Clean the skin with soap and water or hand sanitizer

Make sure the skin is clean and DRY

Do not stretch the ends or anchors

  • Increases irritation and blisters

Tape doesn't stick well to itself

Tape doesn’t stick well to hair

It is a heat-activated adhesive so don't take it off while hot and sweaty or in the shower.

How do you feel about Tapes that have a heating or cooling effect?

Some have a menthol incorporated into the tape but that can cause irritation

These effects are for the skin and tricking the skin.

KT Tape recently launched the Pro Oxygen. Can you explain how the Pro Oxygen works and its benefits?

Patients seem to love it

It is an infrared powder infused into the tape and reflects the body's own heat as infrared heat.

You do not feel the heat but it helps with the oxygenation of the cells.

This can help keep the oxygen flowing during endurance-type sports.

It has the pro adhesive that will last 4-7 days

It is heat-activated, so rub it in

Give it 5-10 minutes to set up

Over-stretching is a big problem

If you stretch the tissue you won't need to pull as much on the tape

Slight forward bend when applying to the back…

Knee – put the knee into 90 degrees so you stretch the tissue

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