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Brien currently has 50 Athletic Training related projects in his cue for publishing books.

As a kid Brein loved reading the Snowshoeing Through Sewers series, Todd is currently loving David Goggins's books. I only remember reading one book as a kid and it was pretty much the same as the Adam Sandler movie “Click”

We previously discussed writing and publishing books with Dr. Knoblauch and Dr. Konin:

Background on Brien and Publishing Books

  • SLACK Incorporated has publishing roots that extend back to 1923.  We are a 300 employee health care information provider/publisher located in southern New Jersey.
  • Our company entered the Athletic Training market in the mid-nineties with a goal of publishing textbooks for athletic training students, faculty and staff (Jeff’s books some of the first) We do some resources for practicing ATs too.
  • Brien joined the company in 2005 with a marketing background. Entered into acquisitions in 2007. He has been managing the AT line since about 2010.  Brien also manages the OT, SLP and in the past, has managed the PT line as well.

The publishing business is acquiring, developing, and publishing books. It all starts with acquiring authors, proposals, and manuscripts. Acquisition is the lifeblood of a publishing company. Without a steady stream of new content, the publishing company would cease to exist

Brein Cummings – 2019 on the Sports Medicine Broadcast

Where do we start?

Lots of people have Ideas about publishing books, but it not common at all for someone to put those ideas down on paper in an outline format.

Another important part of publishing a book is the MARKET NEED

At SLACK Inc. Brien helps potential authors share their ideas, write the manuscripts and get the ideas over to the editors.

What if I am not a university Ph.D. AT Faculty?

Most of the authors Brien works with are AT Faculty as they usually are the ones doing research to contribute to textbooks. However, there is still a lot of opportunity for the AT in the secondary setting to contribute and add value in publishing books.

Many specialty products look to people other than ATs to contribute to their books. For example, When discussing ankles the author may seek out the advice of an orthopedic surgeon.

An Athletic Trainer in the secondary setting with experience creating community buy-in, Admin approval, building consistently good programs, designing and opening new AT facilities all might be asked to write a section or chapter.

How can YOU contribute?

Been an expert in your field. If you are really good at, let's say, podcasting then begin podcasting, present at conferences about podcasting, write blogs and print articles about podcasting. Be known for your knowledge about and being able to teach about podcasting.

Just replace “podcasting” with your expertise area

John Ciecko has presented, written about and been interviewed about Vaping. He is becoming known as a great resource for the harmful effects of vaping.

What if I do not fit the “textbook author” mold?

SLACK Inc. focuses on Textbooks.

Human Kinetics – publishes some different style books.

There are other options, the key is to find one that fits your needs and you fit into their ecosystem. YOu have the power to choose what is best for you as an author.

I have my idea, what is the next step in publishing books?

Contact Brien and have a conversation about your idea. He can get a feel for your needs as well as the needs of the company and give insight to the current market.

Next, you would submit the required background info

Then, Brien would send it to marketing and it would go to a peer-review process to ensure you and the company fit together.

How do I know you won't steal my book idea?

“Longevity and trust is the best possible asset you can have as a publisher. People talk and if word gets out that you are stealing ideas then the author will not go with you.”

However, working in a niche market of AT there have been some simultaneous book ideas.

As a smaller publisher SLACK focuses more on the relationship than the bottom line.

What else can I do to get and stay on your radar?

  • Present, write, speak about your topic
  • Get involved with similar projects
  • Become a proposal reviewer
  • Continue to find ways to positively interact with the company and community
  • Positive reputation and social media following also help you stand out

What if I have already been rejected?

  • Do not take it personally.
  • Keep going
  • Keep fine-tuning
  • Find other ways to deliver your content.
  • Find ways to increase the reader's engagement and experience

Brien loves publishing books with Athletic Trainers

Some of the reason AT s a great to work with include:

  • Full of energy
  • Younger side of healthcare
  • Lots of new ideas
  • Constantly improving the professional level of students
  • Proactive and aggressive

Brien's favorite project so far?

Case scenarios book for ATs – provides real-world scenarios for ATs that would not be taught in classrooms. if nothing else it creates a jumping-off point for conversation.

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