Running Medicine with Dr. Natalie

For Dr. Natalie, Running Medicine came from a passion for running, experience as a Physical Therapist, and a furlough during COVID.

Dr. Natalie Niemczyk is an accomplished runner: finishing race distances in running and triathlon events including 5ks, 10ks, Half Marathons, Marathons, Sprint Triathlons, Olympic-Distance Triathlons, and Half and Full Ironmans over the past 11 years!

Additionally, she is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, Certified Running Technique Specialist, as well as a Certified Canine Rehab Practitioner and RRCA Run Coach.

What made you decide to get into running medicine?

  • Passion of mine
  • Experience within the field as a runner
  • Wanted to channel my focus on one specialty
  • Value in finding specialists
  • Building knowledge in one topic vs. generalized practitioner

How much does being a practitioner of running help your ability to treat patients?

It lays the whole foundation

“Running a marathon, I know that pain at mile 24”

“I had a tonsillectomy at age 8, then a c-section…I have been healthy.

It has taken over a year for me to get back to normal after that surgery.

“It’s weird, but I kinda like getting hurt so I can relate to what they are feeling”

– Todd Sabol

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What courses do you recommend to healthcare professionals looking to enhance their ability to treat runners?

Common misconceptions and technique mistakes in runners.

  • There’s one form out there that is universal and works for everyone! Everyone is different!!!
  • Forefoot vs. Heel Strikers 
  • 180 cadence myth

What are your goals for Revolution Running Physical Therapy in five years?

So excited to have a one-stop-shop for runners where they can receive physical therapy, injury prevention education, gait analysis and movement assessments and coaching all for runners, all under one roof! I also want to welcome runners at any level, including recreational runners, beginners, pregnant runners and elite. 

5 years: Have another therapist on board with the same passion, a rev running sponsored team, become better known and trusted within the community and be runners go to, get my hand into some running research!

Embrace Race: elaborate on this event and who benefits from it

EmbraceRace is an organization that was created by parents of all different backgrounds and nationalities, and they provide webinars, articles, and resources for parents to help raise children that are inclusive, understanding, and brave about race. My buddy Jen from EliteFeats and I created this Virtual 5k & 10k to raise money for EmbraceRace– you can complete the race between October 24th-November 1st!

Sign up at!

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