SUJI BFR – Michael MacPherson

SUJI Blood Flow Restriction or BFR is changing the game with its AI-powered app. Dr. Michael MacPherson joins me and Lisette Guerrero to learn more about our new gear.

What is your 10-second sales pitch for Suji BFR?

A portable, affordable, and easy-to-use gold standard, AI-powered BFR technology

The affordability of the device is one reason we chose to add Suji BFR.  Discuss current pricing.

Suji has found the middle ground. We are data-driven for incredible accuracy at an affordable price, never before seen in the BFR space. 

Let's get into the app, it is one of the big differences from the Delphi unit we have.

Our AI-powered app automatically calculates LOP for the clinician and then saves that data to a patient/athlete profile, saving at least 3-5 minutes every BFR session. The AI-powered calibration process is also incredibly robust. 

All patient/athlete data is stored in a HIPAA-compliant cloud that lives in your institution. A Suji institution is your team or clinic where all your Data lives. Only you have access to it as the administrator. With Suji, you only have to calibrate as often as you deem necessary. 

Discuss the continuous monitoring vs the detachable hose.

With Suji Pro and its real-time pressure adjustments, you won’t need to attach the hose to adjust the pressure within the cuff.

With Suji Pro, you’ll be able to adjust the pressure on the pump in real time. 
Suji BFR Pro – what should we expect? Suji Pro is Lighter, Smaller, and Hoseless.

Our users are passionate about our portability and our customizable in-app recovery sessions so we’ve made advancements in both areas. Our users also expressed the desire for real-time pressure control without attaching hoses and a pump, so you can expect greater control with Suji Pro without breaking the bank.

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