Switching to Nursing – 526

Is nursing your next career move?

Looking to move into Nursing?

Some Athletic Trainers just need to move on, so we talk about nursing as a career option for ATs looking to apply their skills in a different setting.

I did a rotation at a PT clinic in college.  I realized I was bored inside of the clinic. The sports, sidelines and patient population were what drew me in and interested me in AT.

I have note done rotations as a nurse student so I can not speak to the issue with personal experience.  However I know a few ATs who have made the jump and are here to share. 

Shawna Bailey and Robin Quezada both obtained their BOC and went right back and got to school for nursing.  They joins us to share stories of why and how.

Robin and Shawna reflect on their decisions and know that for them nursing was the best options.

They also both agree that AT helped them be better in their current job and are thankful for the training and skills they were able to learn.

Thank you Tanya Watson for connecting us.

Things to consider:

  • Cost
  • Travel
  • Books
  • Lost income
  • Job Opportunities
  • Current Student Debt
  • Is this really where you see yourself being the most beneficial?

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