Tips for getting the Sales Rep Job – 423

Jared Plummer – Sales Rep of the year for ACO Med / DonJoy shares wisdom on getting a job in a non-clinical setting.

Brandon Strode has also moved out of the clinical into an sales type job.  We spoke on this topic previously with Brandon as he was planning and considering making the move away from the secondary setting.

We cover:
What's Your AT Story
Why did you move out of the clinical setting?
How did you set yourself up to get the job?
What would you do differently if you were going through the process again?
Did this change meet your career goal? How?

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Jared Plummer Makes Ray Burr Cry – 358

A few minutes talking with Jared Plummer and you know he is one of those people you just like.  Well put a few years of working together in Athletic Training with that and you can build a really strong relationship.  Jared and ray are complimentary of each other in this interview live at the Frio Hydration Booth.
We are broadcasting live from the 2017 NATA expo in Houston Texas.
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