Only One You – 596

Join us as we read the children's book Only One You

“It’s time,” Papa said. 
“I think it is,” Mama agreed.
“Time for what?” Adri asked
Papa’s voice softened, “To share some wisdom.”

Only One You, John Ciecko, Mila, Linda Kranz, Jeremy Jackson, Leadership in AT

Welcome to AT Leadership

In the book Only One You life lessons abound.

“Always be on the lookout for a new friend.”

John and Jeremy have no connections 4 years ago. Just social media friends.

We have grown to be trusted friends. I would let John stay at my house for a week if he was in Houston.

I have begun texting a group of guys each week so that I am being intentional about building relationships. I schedule that text early in the week so that I know it is going out.

“Look for beauty wherever you are, and keep the memory of it with you.”

For John, this page of Only One You reminds me to keep the memory of the good moments or wins or championships for when times are tough (tough teams, injuries, coaches, etc.)

This line speaks to me to not take pictures of everything, but be in the moment and take a picture in my head. create the moment instead of focusing on the perfect shot

“Blend in when you need to. Stand out when you have the chance.”

John: Leadership Capital – Know when to speak up but know when you sit back and listen. For me, those that stand out have egos. This never helps with relationship building.

“Let others speak your praise” – Kevin Parker

“Find your own way. You don’t have to follow the crowd.”

Jeremy: When I started in 2012 there was maybe one other sports medicine podcast focused on Athletic Trainers. I did not sit back and wait for someone else to start one. From October 2013 through October 2019 there have been over 524,00 downloads of the Sports Medicine Broadcast.

Blaze a path as an athletic trainer. Get unique certifications, specialize and set yourself apart.

“Personal development as professional development.” – Kent Games

“Know when to speak; know when to listen.”

This goes back to “blending in” Speaking is important but only after you have all the information. Listening is the most important aspect of leadership.

Mark Knoblauch told me: “The ATs who get angry and get into arguments are the ones who are usually inexperienced and have a need to prove themselves.”

Or there is the Fight Club quote: “Most people do not really listen they only wait for their turn to speak.”

Only One You, John Ciecko, AT Leadership, Go 4 Ellis, Ellis Maer

“No matter how you look at it, there is so much to discover.”

Both John and Jeremy agree “One of the things I’ve learned doing this podcast is that; there is always more to learn. Every time I think I've figured things out, I realize there’s something else I need to know.

“If you make a wrong turn, circle back.”

John likes this quote from Only One You. He knows mistakes happen in our daily and professional life. Leat's learn from them and “circle back.”

Repeat podcast guest Brandy Currie says reflection is key and she does it daily.

Then there was the time my son dropped a googly eye into his ear…our circling back was to buy an otoscope.

“If something gets in your way, move around it.”

Jeremy: Usually when I am given a rule my first thought is how can I get around this… not always the best way of thinking, but I tend to look for other options.

John: Realize things change, schedules change, obstacles will occur but relax, detach, adapt and overcome.

This is another opportunity to reflect and circle back on how things can change and listen to all of the details before speaking.

“Set aside some quiet time to relax and reflect every day.”

John: This is one of the most important things to me in that every day I get time to myself. Most of the time I have to make it whether that’s getting up at 4am to work out or scheduling time on my calendar to actually sit and read. We also covered this with “Learn to Say No” and Prioritize and Execute.

John LOVES to read, so sometimes he wakes up early, goes to the gym and rides the bike so he can sit and read

“Appreciate art. It’s all around you!”

Have fun during games, enjoy the small things and enjoy when your athletes achieve their goals.

“Make wishes on the stars in the nighttime sky.”

John: Have a vision, set goals create your value.

Jeremy: Take time to look up and see the stars.  The small things that are always there. Do not look past what is in front of you.

My wife does this with our youngest…just sits back and watches.

I often ask my family to not say I can not wait until “_______” is over. there is way too much to miss.

Closing out Only One You

“‘Thanks for listening,” mama said. 

“We hope you will remember.” Papa winked and whispered, “We know this is a lot for you to think about.” 

Adri did a backward somersault and smile. He was excited to go out into the world with what he had just learned. “‘Wait for me!” he shouted to his friends.

Before he swam away, he turned back to his parents and said, “I will remember.” 

Mama kissed Adri on the top of his head. 
“There is only one you in this great big world,” she said. “Make it a better place.”

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Only One You, John Ciecko, AT Leadership, Jeremy Jackson, Linda Kranz

Learning To Say NO – Kent Games – 589

Learning to say no can literally set you free. A friend of mine typically responds to requests with, “However I can help.” As Athletic Trainers, we are in the service business, so we tend to say YES to everything.

I was asked recently, “Jeremy, would your coaches fight for you to stay employed here?”

I am trying to find ways to be helpful and to build relationships without taking on someone else's job responsibilities. I am learning to say no. But am I learning to say no gracefully?

Kent Games; Kenneth Games; Learn to say know; learning to say know; John Ciecko; Leadership; Sports Medicine Broadcast

About Dr. Kenneth Games

On his website, Kent Games describes himself as a breakthrough, leadership, and transformation coach. 

After nearly ten years working in healthcare and higher education, he decided to fulfill his vision and pursue a career helping others identify and fulfill their life's dreams, desires, and visions.

Learning to say no; kent games; John Ciecko; Dr. Games; Leadership; Sports Medicine Broadcast; Jeremy Jackson

Learning to Say No

For many, leadership may imply the imposition to say yes.
Yes to new tasks. 
Yes to new projects. 
Yes to more jobs and gigs. 

Last year we learned with the Dichotomy of Leadership that a hard line on one topic can cause you to burn the candle at both ends, resulting in burnout.

Tribe of Mentors – Tim Ferriss

A Tim Ferriss podcast highlighted the “no” responses to his invitation to participate in his book Tribe of Mentors.

Tim asked hundreds of entertainers, athletes, CEOs, speakers and guests what makes them tick. 

His “no” responses were so graciously worded, that he put them in the book anyway! It was a way to highlight how some power brokers eloquently decline invitations to projects.

John reads a couple of these responses throughout the podcast.

What are some practical steps?

Dr. Games discusses the importance of acknowledging the invitation and showing gratitude, as evidenced in his automatic email reply.

Learning to say no; kent games; ; auto responder; prioritize; dichotomy; gratitude

John Ciecko also discusses how he recently took his email app off his phone to allow him to be more present.

For John and Dr. Games, this contributes to a reduced feeling of anxiety because he is not constantly checking and waiting for something to pop up.

In the AT facility

“I can give you five minutes of my time right now. If you need more than that, you will need to come back in one hour (or when the practice rush is over).”

After hearing this, I discussed how we can implement it into our daily practice to better serve each athlete who trusts us with their care.

Why YOU should Learn To Say “No”

To give your attention and energy to the situations that deserve it.

If an opportunity does not line up with your “why” and your value system then gracefully say no.

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Goal Setting builds Leadership in AT – 474

Need help with Goal Setting?

Brandy Currie is a John Maxwell Team leader and speaker. Goal setting is one of the keys to maintaining consistent leadership.  Passionate about both AT and Leadership Brandy is glad to be able to join us as we grow our profession.

John Ciecko has a whole board of goals he checks off as he accomplishes them.

Goal Setting: AT Leadership; Brandi Currie

Some of the goals are daily:

  • Wake up at 5 am,
  • exercise for 30 minutes,
  • eat a healthy breakfast

Some of the goals are weekly, monthly and yearly.

What other books should you read?

Brandy recommends pretty much anything by John C Maxwell but the top of her required reading is:

21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership

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Team of Teams with Kelly Salter – 471

What are the rules for leadership?

Kelly Salter (previous podcast with Kelly) and John Ciecko have read the book: Team of Teams: New Rules of Engagement for a Complex World

Team of Teams; John Ciecko; Kelly Salter; Stanley McChrystal

In this episode of Leadership in Athletic Training John and Kelly discuss the book and how it applies to Athletic Training.

Some of the comments during the show:

  • Things change and if we are not willing to adapt we dig our heels in and get left behind.
  • We are not lazier or less intelligent from our parents, but what worked for them will not necessarily work for us
  • We have to constantly adapt – for example Taping and ankle.  Communication needs to be adapted almost with each individual
  • Ask for help from a colleague, mentor, or social media circles when you have a tough case or someone is not responding.
  • You can not win every battle and you need to know when to sit down and listen.

They cover several other practical ways it applies in their practice and changes they have made from taking ownership of the responsibility to lead.

Want to read Team of Teams?

Team of Teams

Click through my affiliate link to buy a copy off Amazon.

Want More?

The following are the interviews in the Leadership in Athletic Training Series.

Extreme Ownership

Director of Sports Medicine Kurt Andrews

Goal Setting in Athletic Training with Brandy Currie

Athletic Director Ross Cooper

Manger of Athletic Training with Christina Eyers

Leading Into Retirement with Larry Cooper

Dichotomy of Leadership


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Extreme Ownership in AT – 466

Extreme Ownership means no more excuses.

Extreme Ownership means you take ownership and responsibility for all actions and circumstances surrounding you.

Extreme Ownership; ExtremeOwnership; Leadership in AT; Leadership

In the book Extreme Ownership, Jocko Willinik and Leif Babin share really hard hitting principles about being a leader.

The leadership principles are the same ones that make Navy SEALs so effective and have helped mega corporations find repeatable success.

John Ciecko III takes over the podcast for the series on leadership.

We have read the book and summarized how this applies to our lives both personally and professionally.

One story from Jeremy

Our new principal did not seem to appreciate me or the work we were doing to keep athletes safe.  He did not come by and talk to us.  He asked who questions every time I tried to do something extra.

Therefore he did not like me or support or program.

Actually he did not know me, my reputation, role or reason.  He wanted to have all the answers before allowing his students to go on a field trip.

He needed more information that I failed to communicate to him.

In this podcast i tell a story of how i know he supports me and my program now because we have built the relationship and i provided needed information upfront and fill in gaps when needed.

Wrapping up the series

We also review the leadership series with the second book Dichotomy of Leadership

Our hope is that YOU will join us on this journey of extreme ownership and begin to lead your environment.

What do you think?

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