Imbalance and Disequilibrium – 532

Did you know your concussion may just be an imbalance…

Dr. Mark Knoblauch shares some personal and professional experience in dealing with / treating these concussion like symptoms.

So it is not a concussion?

Here is the scenario:

  • Athlete hit in the head,
  • Has balance problems
  • No trouble with memory
  • Head only hurts at the spot of impact

Is this athlete going to be put under Concussion RTP?

So what are we looking at then?

Dr. Mark Knoblauch joins us to discuss vestibular injuries….which might not actually be concussions.

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Some of the topics Mark covers include:

  • Why do you have an interest in vestibular disorders?
  • Tell me about your own personal history with
  • Explain how the vestibular system works?
  • What are some of the signs and symptoms of the more common vestibular disorders?
  • What is the prevalence of some of these disorders?
  • If these disorders are prevalent, as you say, why do you think that there is very little attention in education about them?
  • What are some of the disorders or conditions that can result from the vestibular system?
  • What treatments are available
  • How do some of the vestibular disorders differ from concussions,
  • How can athletic trainers differentiate the two types of conditions?
  • What kind of education do we need specific to teaching our profession and students more about vestibular disorders?

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Donate and get some swag (like Patreon but for the school)

HOIST – No matter your reason for dehydration DRINK HOIST

MedBridge Education – Use “TheSMB” to save some, be entered in a drawing for a second year free, and support the podcast.

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Jeremy Jackson

Dr. Mark Knoblauch

Jeremy Jackson

JOhn Harmon; Candice Teunis; Wrist and Thumb; Frio Hydration; NATA; Imbalance, Disequilibrium

This Current Student Generation – 473

Why are “they” so LAZY

Dr. Knoblauch is an Athletic Training educator.  He is dealing with our replacements.  Consequently it is his job to stay relevant with this current student generation.
If you feel like this current generation is lazy then check out his presentation and Follow up interview.  Every generation feels like the ones after them are not as motivated.
We can complain about how “they” are not like “us” or we can move towards understanding and meet somewhere in between.
Mark Knoblauch; Student Generation

Want to grab the slideshow?

Find ways to meet the needs of this student generation.  Reach out and help them grow into a professional worthy of the title Athletic Trainer.
Understand times have changed and so have the needs, demands, values and stresses.  Our current student generation will only be as good as we allow them to be.

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Bubba Wilson, Ryan Collins, Josh Yellen, Eduardo Beltran, Mark Knoblauch and everyone else who helped make the recordings possible.

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Abilene Christian University’ s new MAT program 351

Adam Ybarra and Melissa Long are starting a new MAT program at ACU.

We briefly discuss some of the challenges and some of the expectations of starting a new program.

If you want to find out more about the MAT program contact Adam Ybarra or Melissa Long.  We also give a big shout out to Dr.  Josh Yellen and the University of Houston MAT program.

We are broadcasting live from the 2017 NATA expo in Houston Texas.
We used Facebook live to stream as many of the NATA 2017 Expo Interviews as possible.
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The Future of Athletic Training Education – 330

Dr. Mark Merrick joins the Sports Medicine Broadcast again to discuss the new competencies and educational standards and the future of Athletic Training Education.

A good summary of the talk:

We are preparing the Athletic Trainer of tomorrow to improve efficiency and decrease inconvenience improving the overall patient care.

The goal is being able to provide the services needed to the patients in front of me. 

Dr. Josh Yellen and the U of H Masters Of Athletic Training program join in the discussion as well.

Show Notes 330

YouTube for 330

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Masters of Athletic Training Year 1- a look back -148

We are broadcasting live and interviewing the speakers of the Memorial Hermann's Sports Medicine Update.  Some of the recordings pick up noise, but this is a live event.

I will release the lecture and then the interview.  Through the course of the summer the podcasts will be shorter, more frequent, and a lot more raw (less editing).

All the lectures and handouts have been uploaded and are now available on Google Drive.  Go to and sign-in using the following:


Password:  sportsmed


Once the school year resumes we will return to our regular format.

Thanks to @rrmarley   @UofHMAT   @DYoung_ATC  @DozalJazmin Bill Hale, Ryan Collins and several others for the contributions.

Also be sure you are signed up for the SMB Email List as there will be codes and prizes given out from that list for our partnership with


Evolution of the Team Physician with Walt Lowe – 86

Bob Marley allowed us to record and interview the guests of the Memorial Hermann 13th Annual Sports Medicine Update.  In the course of two days we conducted about 24 interviews, streamed live for about 16 hours, and had a lot of help from Dr. Josh Yellen, Dr. Mark Knoblauch, Bill Hale, former student / future Athletic Trainer Jazmin Dozal, and current SAT Sarah Avina.

Here is our first interview with Dr. Walter Lowe, team physician for the Houston Texans, Houston Rockets, and U of H.  Since this recording comes from a live conference, some elements are lost due to lack of visual props and some crowd noise can be heard.  The stellar content more than makes up for the difference in sound quality.

Dr. Lowe

Masters of Athletic Training at U of H