This Current Student Generation – 473

Why are “they” so LAZY

Dr. Knoblauch is an Athletic Training educator.  He is dealing with our replacements.  Consequently it is his job to stay relevant with this current student generation.
If you feel like this current generation is lazy then check out his presentation and Follow up interview.  Every generation feels like the ones after them are not as motivated.
We can complain about how “they” are not like “us” or we can move towards understanding and meet somewhere in between.
Mark Knoblauch; Student Generation

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Find ways to meet the needs of this student generation.  Reach out and help them grow into a professional worthy of the title Athletic Trainer.
Understand times have changed and so have the needs, demands, values and stresses.  Our current student generation will only be as good as we allow them to be.

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Bubba Wilson, Ryan Collins, Josh Yellen, Eduardo Beltran, Mark Knoblauch and everyone else who helped make the recordings possible.

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