Physiotherapist with Jamie and Meghan – 460

Jamie McFarland started listening to the podcast I did with Chris Butler and reached out to say thanks.  He is working as a physiotherapist for Northern Ireland Soccer developmental league.

Physiotherapists are similar to ATs but not identical.

Meghgan McKay has worked international rugby for years and has had both positive and negative experiences with Physiotherapists.

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Ethnic Diversity in Athletic Training – 314

Natalie Trotter at the University of Arkansas and Meghan McKay at Baylor College of Medicine are leading the the EDAC for SWATA.

Shawn Ready joins the show to help co-host

We set a working definition of Ethnic Diversity and then get to why we need to look at Ethnic Diversity in Athletic Training.

Ever had to treat someone who spoke a different language?
     I really like Duolingo
Ever had an athlete put gasoline on a cut?
Ever had a parent not accept your diagnosis because you were a female?
Sent an athlete for medical clearance to get a note from Mexico?

We as athletic trainers must understand the population we are working with and from there create plans build relationships, bridge gaps and improve medicine.

Cultural Competence in Sports Medicine

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