Promoting Your Program to Your Student Body – 429

Chris Shaddock is my Guru for promoting your Sports Medicine Program.  He works hard, has great ideas and great support.  He is a guy in Athletic Training you want to try and be like.

Greg Goerig and Casey Lougheed work together at Midloathian Heritage High School and are building a reputable and respected program for Sports Medicine.

The biggest takeaway for promoting your program is getting kids who can really meet high standards and represent your program well.  Once you have a core group of high quality student helpers then they will promote your program naturally.

Some of our other ideas:

Scavenger Hunt
Big NATM promotions
Elected officials creating proclamations for NATM
Inter-school competitions
Mass Physicals
Mass CPR training
Regular presence on the Junior High campus


Chris Shaddock

Greg and Casey

From NATA PR chair Jamie Woodall:


Public Relations with Jamie Woodall 410

Jamie Woodall is chair of the PR committee for NATA.
Public Relation is about relating to the public, not necessarily your school or athletes / coaches.
The AT “un-educated” folks who do not know who or what an Athletic Trainer is are the target audience for PR.
They have created some great tools and are constantly improving them.  They even include a NATM catalog (Resource and Style Book) that helps you create a campaign that fits your target audience and budget
We are broadcasting live from the 2017 NATA expo in Houston Texas.
Thanks Frio Hydration and DragonFly MAX for your hospitality.
AT Your Own Risk is a great free site that helps AT advocate for the profession
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Medbridge with Mike Hopper

Houston is a major medical center.  there are many opportunities to get CEUs from some really great organizations like Houston Methodist, Memorial Hermann, Texas Children's, Airrosti and others.

But Athletic Trainers in some places have to drive a long way to get to a hospital or orthopedic doctor's office.

Workshops are great and even better when they are free (NATM Giveaways) but not always feasible.

I recommend a few free ways to get CEUs like:

  • TheATVantage – great podcast I personally listen to and have earned CEUs from
  • Gatorade great info, but quizzes are a little hard
  • Medco great info but again the quizzes can be combersome

Then ask Mike Hopper why and how he uses Medbridge to earn unlimited CEUs and build great Home Exercise Plans for his athletes.

To celebrate NATM and Athletic Trainers Medbridge and the Sports Medicine Broadcast are giving one subscriber who uses my referral link a second year free.  So if you sign up be sure to use my link or the promo code “TheSMB” to save and possibly double your savings.

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