Truman Spoon Reflects – 510

Have you met Truman Spoon?

Truman Spoon has been doing Athletic Training a long time.

There are tons of stories, gratitude and changes when you are 70+ years old and been in a profession for about 50 years.

Join Truman Spoon as he shares some wisdom and opinions on the current state of Athletic Training.

Truman Spoon; TSpon

Where are we?

West Texas Sports Medicine Clinic

Fort Davis Texas.

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Bubba Wilson

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Return to Learn with Sarah Gill – 505

What about the classroom?

Concussions affect everything you do.  Sarah Gill is the Athletic Trainer who serves the concussed athletes in the Dallas Fort Worth area with one of the hospital systems.

Return to Learn is more important than the return to play portion of concussion management.

She serves also serves the North Texas Athletic Trainers Society.

Sarah Gill; return to learn; concussion; davis mountain

Where are we?

At the Davis Mountain Sports Medicine clinic Bubba and I recorded some sessions, dealt with crazy weather, caught some interviews and had one heck of a long drive.

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