AT Education Post COVID – 653

What does AT education look like now from a student's perspective? What changes both positive and negative have come from the pandemic?

World Federation of Athletic Training and Therapy (WFATT) has put together a global group of students to share their take on on AT Education post COVID-19.

AT Education

Tell us about you

Kate – should be doing her internship at the University of Pitt but is at home in Dublin

Possible masters in physio or research in AT

Madie – St. Louis University in her 5th and final year

Dream Job – D1 Sports in US

AT Education, Madeleine Bozych, WFATT, COVID

Nick Lichti – Manitoba Canada

Hockey guy preferably with a pro hockey team

AT Education, Nick Lichti, WFATT, COVID

Anat – Israel

Entering her final year as part of the first class of Sports Medicine in Tel Aviv

AT Education, Anat Buhnik, WFATT, COVID

What has been challenging about the transitions associated with AT Education and COVID-19?

Anat – nobody expected it

Hard to pay attention at home

Difficult to test on different bodies without risking exposure

Taught her to be a self-learner

Learned to be more sophisticated in the way she learns

Maddie – Went home for Spring Break and was not prepared for learning home

Wifi Issues

Learned the back over zoom

Had to get help from her family for her practical skills

Studying at home with 5 other people in the house

Kate – Gained independence learning

Looking forward to getting back to face to face.

Nick – U of W hands-on exams have been postponed without an official date for completion…

It is basically a waiting game right now

Masks at your placements make communication harder.  It hides expressions.

Gloves for all assessments can make it harder to palpate an area.

Lost a lot of jobs and volunteer opportunities due to COVID – very frustrating.

What do the leaders in AT education need to know from YOU?

Maddie –

  • Every expectation and experience…throw it ou the window. 
  • Seek feedback from students
  • Revisit a lot of topics
  • Be flexible
  • Take your time with students
  • Students need to extend grace as well


  • They know we need practical experience and are patient.
  • Keep in mind each student will adat differently


  • Do not be so hard on yourself
  • Academics in general should take advantage of this opportunity to improve teaching and learning skills both in-person and virtual.


  • Professors have been role models during this time.
  • Been available for questions and transparent

“We are still very eager to learn, even virtually”

– Nick Lichti
  • Try to replicate the structure of a typical AT class into the virtual format.
    • Do demos over zoom rather than just talking over lecture slides

How have you seen a change in roles in AT in your area?

Kate: AT is still unheard of and fighting for a place at the table in Ireland

Athletic Therapists are still treated as personal trainers

Anxiety drove Kate to contact her local club teams where she was able to learn a lot more during the pandemic by putting herself out there than she did in college.

“It is kinda a blessing in disguise”

Maddie – a new appreciation for AT, I learned more of the administrative side.  In college, we focus so much on the clinical skills

Worked with the preceptor being in the meetings and advocating for the students

Worked as a screener for COVID

Loved seeing how her preceptor advocated for the overall health.

Grew in understanding

Jonathan Burch at SLU

Morgan Jasperton

Nick – “I watched some ATs step-up and volunteer on the front lines.”

Continued working with the hockey team as part of the screening team.

More spare time – allowed Nick to look into other areas of improving himself and his AT education. He is currently studying for the CSCS exam.

You also begin to appreciate in person classes and exams.

Anat – Sports Therapy is not acknowledged by the Minister of Health so we are still limited.

Worked with some COVID related patients as well

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