Mental Clarity – an intro

Todd Sabol has been working to gain Mental Clarity since he suffered a weight lifting injury about 18 months ago.

Mental Clarity

Fellow AT and host of The Eli Kassab Experience – Eli Kassab guest hosts this podcast and discusses some of his mental health struggles leading him to leave one position as an AT.

Mental Clarity; Eli Kassab

What is Mental Clarity to You?

Not feeling foggy, scattered, busy, angry, confused.

Todd, what mentally got you?

4 am workout crew

Lack of sleep (habitual)

Beats and Barbells

315 front squat did one rep, then passed out mid rep on the second one

Felt like a heart attack at softball practice one day.

Felt like his heart was beating out of his chest

Was driving a couple of hours each day

Would drive to the gym, sit in his car and then drive home because he could not mentally gear himself up to walk in

Cory Carpenter recommended Todd to do the “75 hard” with him

  • Follow a diet
  • Gallon of water
  • No cheat meals
  • 2 x 45-minute workouts
  • Take a progress picture daily

Before the injury, I thought I was tough mentally

Wake up early, train really hard, get back for grad school class, self-help podcasts and books… I was killing it

But the one injury caused the whole deck of cards to fall.


Todd Sabol on completing “75 hard”

Constant building blocks…but that is how every building is built…from the bottom up with a solid foundation

He had some hecklers along the way, but that did not phase him

Running with Mindfulness

Walking through the snow talking to himself audibly as he was following the book.

Todd believes in the law of attraction – put kindness out and you will get that back eventually.

How did the long drives impact Mental Clarity – 

Fast food

Was this how you were escaping?

Burying himself in work and working out were his other two escapes.

How does your mental clarity affect our relationships?

Sharing your journey is healing

For you and your listener

I pour all of myself into my patient, my students, or clients.

I used this as a way to take care of them instead of myself.


Pick something and go with it, and if it does not work, give it another shot and then alter your path as needed, but do not look for the quick fix.

Where are you at now compared to where you started?

It is really hard to compare since I was at that low point for most of my life.

“Hey Todd, you did X,Y,Z in spite of that thing”

Before grad school, he went to a therapist who said he should not go to grad school because of his ADHD.

The Body Keeps the Score

My communication and vulnerability have grown so much during this.

You are going to have some of those hard days…how do you get through them?

Movement – walks and talking to yourself


Getting after it in the gym

Use your mental energy to refocus and get back on track.

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