Bill Coburn – Changing Settings

Bill Coburn changed settings a few times to meet certain needs in his life. Employment, advancement, family-friendly schedule. Check out his story and let him know if you have questions for him.

Bill, where did you start as an AT? How long were you there?

Ohio University in the spring of 2000

Took a job in the high school as just the AT for afternoon and afterschool job

I taught sports med for 3 years

Worked through the county for exercise science and AT

Continued to get a reduction in force or RIF

Went to grad school to get a masters in AT

Took a job at Davidson North Carolina

The change in conferences made travel unbearable.

Had my son in 2014

Returned to the high school setting

Had a 50-minute commute for about 2 years

Took a job closer to the house in Greensboro

When my second son was born I had to be available at home more.

Worked for an independent orthopedic office until they merged with EmergeOrtho.  That opened up an opportunity for me to 

What pushed you to change settings?

Family life

Burnout at the high school

Favorite resource for someone looking to change settings? 

Look for the places that are paying better and provide a better life balance.

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