Jason Robey – Changing Setting

Jason Robey has experience with division 1 athletics, industrial, academic, and military Athletic Training settings.

Jason Robey

Jason, where did you start as an AT?  How long were you there?

High school

Clinical Outreach

Went back to grad school

Semi-pro sports

Physical Therapy Clinic

Independent pro baseball

Division 3 college

D1 college

Air national guard


Where are you now?

Newport Virginia Fort Eustice

I am a subject matter expert – more like a consultant

H2F – Holistic Health and Fitness

There are 6 different tests rather than the previous pushups, run, and situps

We have an entire team similar to a D1 sports program.

Mental health, nutrition, strength, 

The current AT policy in the Army is very restrictive and we are pushing those boundaries.

We have about 200 ATs and I am their advocate at the admin level.

What makes you the subject matter expert?

Broad patient background


Understanding both sides of the need

I have a Ph.D. and worked as an assistant professor.

The Army has the most ATs on staff and should be about triple that over the next 7 years.

Is this where you plan to stay?

Definitely would like to stay in the military, but I want to advance to become an army civilian.

A favorite resource for someone looking to change settings?

Recognizing the potential of stress as you are changing.

If you are an AT you are qualified for the position.  You do not need to be the grand wizard of AT to work in the industrial or military.

All changes are stressful and difficult.

I did not know the Army, but I did know Athletic Training.  

Contracts – you are not in the military, just a worker for the military.

The companies are starting to recruit in case they get awarded the contract.

I have not seen a weight requirement but you do need to be physically fit to ride along on training events.

What is the future of the H2F?

Each year we are going to expand the number of brigades that we provide care for.

620 ATs by 2030.

Regrets or missed opportunities

I miss the athletes and patient care

I am in a place where I need to be helping advance the profession

Each step is important

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Jason Robey

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