Meghan Allcorn – Changing Settings

Meghan Allcorn has had about 9 job changes in roughly 11 years.

Meghan Allcorn

Meghan, where did you start as an AT? How long were you there?

11 years as an AT

PRN coverage for collegiate D2 in the Michigan area, working every sport available.

My first full-time job was as an Industrial Athletic Trainer out in the Washington area.

Secondary School setting back in Michigan

PRN coverage

Detroit Metro Airport

Secondary School and community outreach working out of a health and fitness facility.

Finished PTA degree and started working in the inpatient setting

Another industrial setting and been there for 4 years. 

What pushed you to change settings?

Survival as a single female, creating a full-time job where there was not one before.

Currently the program manager for Workfit in the automotive industry.  I now have 2 little girls and wanted a day shift job that would still have a need every day.

I was done missing my kid's events.

Which was the hardest change for you?

Leaving the first industrial setting job – it was a first shift job and gave me so much freedom of schedule.

Discuss the Airport setting

You get on the airplane and put one bag overhead.

The workers tag them, move them, and help the underbelly workers get them there.

They are stuck under your dining room table moving 50-pound bags for an 8-hour shift.

How did you transfer experiences from one setting to the next?

Personality is the top transfer tool.

Build trust and then you can accomplish a lot of things.

The skills transfer similarly.  You need to be in that position or setting to observe and improve body mechanics.

Assembly line – you have about 60 seconds to get your part, attach it, and be free.  The parts are usually behind you and need to be gathered for each assembly.

Is this your final stop?

I do not know.

I love AT and what it has brought to my life, but I can not say it is definitely my final destination.

Encourage someone in the process now

Do not be afraid to try and fail.

Every time you try something new you gain experience.

Any Regrets?

No regrets but a few missed opportunities.  All of these lead to shaping who I am.

Favorite resource for someone looking to change settings?

REBA employee assessment

Changing Settings Series

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