Candid AT Live – 577

What is Candid AT

Candid AT is a couple of Athletic Trainers hoping to entertain you. They want to be the people you commiserate with and end up belly laughing at the end of a hard season.

Candid AT is a fun entertaining podcast with some really cool guys who are best friends and enjoy sharing the mic and their stories together.

Fictional AT

Thor vs Batman

Thor would be really good at transportation

Batman – is wealthy, has lots of cool tools, knows how to be behind the scenes, can run a company.

Batman wins for almost everyone except the one person drooling over his rippling muscles.

F, Marry, Kill

Treadmill – I chose to marry the treadmill as I really enjoy how running helps me open up my body

Elliptical – always awkward for me. Killed this one for sure.

Stationary Bike – F – good for something quick but not a long term solution.

Where can I find out more about Candid AT

The podcast feed can be found here

But in your podcast app you can search candid athletic training

Great live show

We had people lined up for about 20 minutes waiting to see Chad and Kevan. we had a blast discussing their story and doing some impromptu Candid AT stuff.

We got audience interaction on 2 different occasions which only made the show that much better.

I am Jeremy Jackson, Host of the Sports Medicine Broadcast and I listen to Candid Athletic Training.

Candid AT Live

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Chad & Kevan – @Candid_AT

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