100K Side Job – Tim Neal – 578

100K Side Job

Have you ever had a 100K side Job?

If you say “I have a 100k Side Job” you are going to be hounded for followers or ridiculed by haters.

Tim Neal was killing it as an Athletic Trainer making upwards of 200K.

He joins us live a the Dragonfly Max Podcast Lounge in Las Vegas to share his story.

Have reservations about starting a business?

Tim watched his dad run a successful business and kinda always had the drive in him to create his own.

I recently started my own business in the Sports Medicine Broadcast. I have shared my story in episode 552.

I was always afraid to start a business as I have seen how much my dad struggles to own one. My conversation with Rob and Casey helped me to get started on the path, but Innovate really moved me to start

I met Tim Neal in a group for Athletic Trainers who are innovating the industry. If you are innovating or want to innovate, come join us at InnovateAT on facebook

Want to check out the live video:


More About Tim:

From a small town Texas – Greenville, Texas

Did not have an AT in high school, his first exposure was as Texas A&M Commerce

Started working contract work for a PT clinic

Figured out he was pretty good at assembling the coverage and care for large scale events.

Got fired for putting together a proposal to grow his employer's business.

He turned the firing into a job that he turned into a business that has turned into a dream.

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