Candid Candidates – 638

NATA 2020 presidential Election has Candid Candidates

Chad and Kevan host Candid Athletic Training where they take a look at Athletic Training very candidly.

Kathy and Katie are used to answering questions about Athletic Training and fixing what is broken. We wanted to have some very Candid Candidate discussions to help you know your next NATA president.

Why would your undergraduate mascot make the best Athletic Trainer

KF: Beaver: adaptable, ferocious, make a phenomenal home from out of nothing, leaves everything better than it found it.

Being a team player, quietly getting things done under the radar

KD: Longhorn – Magnanimous animal

Quiet, slow-moving; large and graceful

If you get in the ways of the horns you will regret it.

Rehab specialty: Administration – quiet, contemplative



K – Cat D – I want it to be applicable and pertinent

M – EBP – a lifelong commitment to learning

F – Lecturing – it is a rush to share that knowledge


F – Cat B


K – the Cat D

What will you miss most about the COVID19 2020 convention cancellation?

People, socials, energy, relationships

Mount Rushmore 4 things you feel young ATs will face and need to be prepared for


  1. Give your self a break…there is a lot to learn
  2. Professional Communication
  3. Continue to learn
  4. Advocacy and showing your value is CRUCIAL 


  1. Follow your contract – Do not give your time away for free
  2. Policies – have those ready and follow them
  3. You Are Enough…
  4. Mentor over Data

How do you negotiate time for yourself?

KF: your first job is the only one where you might not negotiate…after that it is on you

KD: We are not training our students to negotiate.

How are you going to best get your objectives communicated to people?


Be responsive to the people

Be everywhere

KD: Diversity in mediums

Being willing to reach out on all of the different mediums.

Kathy prefers face to face or phone call, but currently have to respond and react.

Opinions on the dangers and benefits of Social Media

KF: uses it as a positive outlet 

FB, Twitter and IG

It is irresponsible to hide behind the account

It is a good source of what ATs are thinking and feeling

KD: Hardest thing is to keep up with all of the platforms

SM can really help reach people

It is really easy to anonymously complain…but is your message getting through if you are hiding.

“We learn the most from people who are unhappy”

Hats – Clinicians, educators, legislation

KD: We all have some of those roles with a focus

  • Feels it is more regarding settings vs roles

KF: I do all three of them

  • The researchers are valuable

Retention Rates in AT

KF: became members of American Advisors for allied health professionals

  • The continued growth of opportunity
  • It is a barge, so we can not turn on a dime


  • Supply and demand
  • Negotiate contracts
  • Can we improve life balance in the traditional setting.
  • Non-traditional settings will likely bring the secondary setting up due to economics

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