Career Advancement

Career Advancement brought Bre'Layshia Alexander from working intermediate athletics to her current role with Baylor Scott and White. She discussed this all with Joseph Eberhardt live at SWATA 2023.

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What are the goals of the Career Advancement Committee?

  • Chaired by Bre’Layshia
  • Split from the young professional committee
  • 7-12 years in the profession
  • Everyone on our committee presented at SWATA 23

The Career Advancement Committee also hosts a scavenger hunt for prizes to increase engagement.

Student workshop highlights:

  • Resume workshop
  • Career Advancement talks
  • Tools on how to advance your pay or benefits
  • Life Balance options

How do we contact the Career Advancement group?

Where did you get into AT?

  • I was a cheerleader in high school and band in high school.  After not making the team I searched for a way to be on the sidelines.
  • I became a student aide for 1.5 years in high school
  • Graduated from Texas State and got a job in Temple.
  • After 3 years as a middle school AT I knew I had to move on
  • SportsCareAT
  • Now a physician liaison with BSW

What is your role with TSATA?

  • Recently passed legislation that opens up jobs and expands the scope of an ATs practice.

Jeremy Jackson

Bre'Layshia Alexander

Joseph Eberhardt

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