Concussion Technology – Summer Ott

Concussion technology has come a long way in helping us understand and manage concussions. Dr. Summer Ott discusses some of the options available and who they best fit.

Concussion Technology, Summer Ott, Sandra Harris, Jeremy Jackson

What is a digital assessment?

  • Started in the ’90s,
  • Professional teams
  • Not meant to replace traditional assessments
  • A combination of tests is still being used


  • Efficient
  • Easy access and use of mobile devices
  • Allow tracking
  • Remote testing


  • What/which app  is reliable
  • Who is using/trained to use
  • Environment

Considerations when deciding on a digital tool

  • Budget
  • Feasibility
  • Is it comprehensive

Age range Considerations

Comparison / Contrast different tests available

  • Example: Impact, Axon, ANAM
    • 20 min to complete
    • Test Cognitive Skills and symptom
  • Ex. C3 Logic, Sway, King Devick
    • Used with Handheld devices
    • Quicker to complete 10-15 min
    • Offer Alternative stimuli
  • Important to look at “What is the cost?”
  • Does the cost correlate to the effectiveness

What tools and how many are practitioners using in assessing Concussions

How do you pick a digital tool? / What is the right choice?

What is VOMS?

Looking at: eye movements, eye tracking, convergence, and rating symptoms while performing assessments

Symptom Checklist-

Can be broken down into clusters: Physical, Emotional, Sleep, Cognitive,

Case Management example:

Natasha Law

  • The Law and UIL sports vs Club sports on concussion

Considerations for Special populations (504, at-risk)

  • The Law and Academic Accommodations/Recommendations
  • Reach out to @ATC_mojo for PDF of Academic Recommendations

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Concussion Technology