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Dr. Christina Eyers – Director of AT – 480

Work outside of the Secondary Setting?

Dr. Christina Eyers is the director of Sports Medicine and Athletic Training services for the Henry For Health Care System.

Understanding the leadership challenges for the hospital system is a slightly different animal and can help us communicate better with our medical providers.

As Manager of Athletic Training at Henry Ford Health System she oversees of over 30 athletic trainers who service over 20  teams (professional, collegiate, and high schools) in the metro-Detroit area.

Leadership Series; Extreme Ownership, John Maxwell; Christina Eyers

About Christina Eyers

Christina completed her Bachelor of Science degree in Movement Science from the University of Michigan, holds a Master of Arts degree in Health Studies from the University of Alabama, and earned her Doctor of Education degree from Central Michigan University.

Employed at Henry Ford Health System since 2011, she is currently the Manager of Athletic Training for the Division of Orthopaedics.

Prior to this, she has worked with collegiate athletes at the University of Michigan, University of Alabama, Saginaw Valley State University, and Central Michigan University;

As well as intramural and recreational athletes at Central Michigan University; and youth soccer athletes through the US Olympic Development Program.

Christina has also held positions at Central Michigan University as an Assistant Professor and Saginaw Valley State University as Adjunct Faculty.

What Else Has Dr. Eyers done?

Christina has published and presented at the state, district, national and international levels.

She is also past President of the Michigan Athletic Trainers' Society (2009-2010), has served in leadership and committee roles with the GLATA and NATA.

Furthermore, Dr Christina Eyers is currently appointed to the State of Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs for Athletic Trainers.

And finally, serves on the Board of Directors for the NATAPAC.

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Athletic Trainer to Athletic Director – 477

How can I become an Athletic Director?

Many ATs have moved on to Administration.  Ross Cooper is an Athletic Director and Athletic Trainer for Detroit County Day Schools.

John Ciecko gets to the point to figure out how he got there and how you can follow Ross's path.

Ross Cooper; Athletic director; AD

Here are a few key points from Ross Cooper

  • Experienced ATs already perform many of the duties of an Athletic Director
  • You have to be willing to get out of your comfort zone
  • Exposure to multiple leaders and leadership styles is beneficial
  • Self-Reflection is crucial
  • Relationships with each person are important – never know who is watching
  • Be a good listener

Ross also mentioned he took the schedules and policies and made them all digital.  Using a system like Dragonfly MAX can help an Athletic Trainer reduce paper work, streamline the PPE process and improve communication with coaches, parents, and athletes

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Goal Setting builds Leadership in AT – 474

Need help with Goal Setting?

Brandy Currie is a John Maxwell Team leader and speaker. Goal setting is one of the keys to maintaining consistent leadership.  Passionate about both AT and Leadership Brandy is glad to be able to join us as we grow our profession.

John Ciecko has a whole board of goals he checks off as he accomplishes them.

Goal Setting: AT Leadership; Brandi Currie

Some of the goals are daily:

  • Wake up at 5 am,
  • exercise for 30 minutes,
  • eat a healthy breakfast

Some of the goals are weekly, monthly and yearly.

What other books should you read?

Brandy recommends pretty much anything by John C Maxwell but the top of her required reading is:

21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership

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Goal Setting with Brandy Currie

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Team of Teams with Kelly Salter – 471

What are the rules for leadership?

Kelly Salter (previous podcast with Kelly) and John Ciecko have read the book: Team of Teams: New Rules of Engagement for a Complex World

Team of Teams; John Ciecko; Kelly Salter; Stanley McChrystal

In this episode of Leadership in Athletic Training John and Kelly discuss the book and how it applies to Athletic Training.

Some of the comments during the show:

  • Things change and if we are not willing to adapt we dig our heels in and get left behind.
  • We are not lazier or less intelligent from our parents, but what worked for them will not necessarily work for us
  • We have to constantly adapt – for example Taping and ankle.  Communication needs to be adapted almost with each individual
  • Ask for help from a colleague, mentor, or social media circles when you have a tough case or someone is not responding.
  • You can not win every battle and you need to know when to sit down and listen.

They cover several other practical ways it applies in their practice and changes they have made from taking ownership of the responsibility to lead.

Want to read Team of Teams?

Team of Teams

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Want More?

The following are the interviews in the Leadership in Athletic Training Series.

Extreme Ownership

Director of Sports Medicine Kurt Andrews

Goal Setting in Athletic Training with Brandy Currie

Athletic Director Ross Cooper

Manger of Athletic Training with Christina Eyers

Leading Into Retirement with Larry Cooper

Dichotomy of Leadership


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Director of Sports Medicine Kurt Andrews – 469

Who is Kurt Andrews?

Director of Sports Medicine for Sporting KC Kurt Andrews is a husband, Athletic Trainer and pursuer of knowledge.

Kurt Provides leadership to the Sports Medicine team that protects and prepares the Sporting Kansas City soccer players.

As director you also have to plan and prepare them team, practice procedures and EAPs and coordinate Doctors, PTs, EMTs, Massage Therapist and all other medical team members.

Kurt also is a leader in PSATS or Professional Soccer Athletic Trainers.

Leadership Series

John Ciecko assembled an outstanding lineup to cover the various aspects of Leadership in AT.

Check out our whole #LeadershipSeries as we apply these principles to Athletic Training and various settings.

Books we recommend

Leadership Series; Extreme Ownership, John Maxwell

Extreme Ownership

Dichotomy of Leadership

21 Irrefutable Laws of leadership

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Extreme Ownership in AT – 466

Extreme Ownership means no more excuses.

Extreme Ownership means you take ownership and responsibility for all actions and circumstances surrounding you.

Extreme Ownership; ExtremeOwnership; Leadership in AT; Leadership

In the book Extreme Ownership, Jocko Willinik and Leif Babin share really hard hitting principles about being a leader.

The leadership principles are the same ones that make Navy SEALs so effective and have helped mega corporations find repeatable success.

John Ciecko III takes over the podcast for the series on leadership.

We have read the book and summarized how this applies to our lives both personally and professionally.

One story from Jeremy

Our new principal did not seem to appreciate me or the work we were doing to keep athletes safe.  He did not come by and talk to us.  He asked who questions every time I tried to do something extra.

Therefore he did not like me or support or program.

Actually he did not know me, my reputation, role or reason.  He wanted to have all the answers before allowing his students to go on a field trip.

He needed more information that I failed to communicate to him.

In this podcast i tell a story of how i know he supports me and my program now because we have built the relationship and i provided needed information upfront and fill in gaps when needed.

Wrapping up the series

We also review the leadership series with the second book Dichotomy of Leadership

Our hope is that YOU will join us on this journey of extreme ownership and begin to lead your environment.

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Revisiting Squat Form – Ryan Collins – 463

How is your Squat Form?

Ryan Collins presented on Squat form and followed it with a hands-on workshop at the Memorial Hermann Sports Medicine Update.  I was a small part of the demonstration, but as I am always on the run with the show I did not get to catch all of the show.

Ryan Collins; Squat form

I personally feel I lack the training to properly asses the full range of motion and I need practical hands on experience to really understand it.  So to grow my understanding I am using this podcast selfishly to help my athletes.

Ryan will watch me squat and go through the whole assessment of my ankle, knee and hip movement so that we can have a better grasp on how and why to proceed with specific treatments.

Show Notes

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Dance Medicine with Daria & Carina – 457

What is Dance Medicine?

Dance Medicine is an emerging setting for Athletic Trainers.  Some of the best people to work in Dance Medicine are dancers turned medical professionals.  Daria and Carina fit the bill here.

  Daria Olier; Dance Medicine

About Daria:

Daria is an AT/PT who specializes in dance medicine. She is currently an assistant director, choreographer, and performer in the professional company Lady Grey’s Lovelies.

She works at Foundations Physical Therapy in northern New Jersey

About Carina:

Carina Nasrallah is a dancer who loves Sports Medicine.  She is currently the Athletic Trainer for the Houston Ballet through Houston Methodist.

Things I learned:

1st position
Toe grabbing means a lack of balance
Hypermobilty causes difficulty in assessing
Toe- out is a normal position for dancers and some of the rehab should be done like that
They tend to be hamstring dominant and have trouble activating their glutes

In the secondary setting we are often responsible for the healthcare of our Drill / Dance teams as well.

I personally am not a dancer or into watching dance so completely understanding the sport and demands is outside of what is normal for me.


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Emergency Bag Maximization – 444

Do You Have an Emergency Bag?

Is your Emergency bag packed and ready to go?

Is it easily identifiable?

Do your helpers know what to do if you say go get the emergency bag?

Have you checked with your local EMS about what might be good to add to your kit?


Emergency Bag

Experience Talks:

Perry and Bubba join the Sports Medicine Broadcast to share best practices in packing an emergency bag for the best opportunity at success.

If Perry only had one item to help in an emergency it would be a clean towel.

Some of the items they mentioned:

NasoPharyngeal Airway
CPR Mask
Magic marker –
     T on head for tourniquet
     Numbering system for accountability
Perry’s “Magic Towel”
Pulse ox – good for asthma kids in regular use
Flat and Phillips head screwdriver or Leatherman multi-tool
Small mirror
Hard candy for diabetic
Head lamp to replace pen light

Cynch-Lock Tamper Evident Seals

StatPacks has your covered

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Presidential Memoirs with Scott Sailor – 439

Dr. Scott Sailor, former president of the NATA joins the podcast again to celebrate the start of National Athletic Training Month.  He shares stories of his tenure leading Athletic Training, fond memories and words of wisdom to Tory Lindley and each NATA president to follow.

This marks Dr. Sailors third time he has been on the show as met at SWATA, episode 200 celebration and then he joined us last year to kick off NATM.

State of the Union with Scott Sailor – 176

Favorite CEU Opportunities 329


Show Notes


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