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DermoNueroModulation – 520

I do not even know what it is…

Brett McQueen loves Athletic Training and nerdy stuff.  He suggested we talk about Dermonueromodulation.  I am learning right along with you.

What is Dermonueromodulation?

Well using my medical terminology i believe Dermonueromodulation goes like this:
Dermo – Skin
Nuero – Nerve
Modulation – Change

But beyond that I am really at a loss.


A quick google search brings up sites like:

or this YouTube video:

Shoulder Rehab Tips – 494

Shoulder Rehab Tips and Tricks

Perfect on your Shoulder Rehab Skills?

Yeah, me either.  I can always learn more about shoulder rehab.  Luckily I have my friend and occasional co-host Ryan Collins, a PT for Memorial Hermann, on the show again as we continue our shoulder series, cover tips and tricks, and see if there are any weird rehab things he has seen or uses.

; Shoulder rehab; John Fite; danger Alert System; Brain Pain; Ryan Collins

Houston Methodist has given us some really nice posters to help guide athletes through their shoulder work.

Shoulder rehab; Houston Methodist



Who else is on the show?

Bubba Wilson – friend, talker and expert in all things.

Jeremy Jackson – Host of the Sports Medicine Broadcast

Need more Resources?

Anatomy Coloring Book:

Trail Guide to Human Body


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Shoulder Evaluation Tips and Tricks – 492

Shoulder Evaluation can be hard.

I need help with my shoulder evaluation skills.  I have plenty of room to improve.

Last podcast focused on Shoulder Anatomy building on that we are looking at evaluation tips and tricks to help me (and anyone else) refresh and grow my skills.

One thing we must remember is that a shoulder problem can really be a hip issues and the lack of mobility is stressing the shoulder more.

Who is on the show?shoulder evaluation, shoulder evaluations, Mike Chamberlain, Michael Chamberlain, Bubba WilsonBubba Wilson – You know Bubba

Mike Chamberlain – College baseball player turned Physical Therapist Mike joins the podcast for the very first time.   Email Mike

Some of the tips covered on this podcast:

  • Tendons – painful at warm up, loosens up, but then painful after stopping
  • Labrum – Pain throughout the activity, decreased accuracy, clicking sound or feeling
  • Impingement – anterior pain with specific arm placement
  • Quick isometric in each direction: Cyriax Selective Tissue Tensioning for contractile vs non-contractile tissue differential dx
  • Contractile = painful with contraction and stretch
  • Non-contractile – no real pain with stretch but pain as you passively move into contractile direction




Want resources?

Anatomy Coloring books are always fun.

Connect with us?

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Bubba Wilson@ATCLATBubba

YouTube video of our conversation


Shoulder Anatomy – 489

Are you a Shoulder Anatomy expert?

I am not a Shoulder Anatomy expert.  I know there are things I can still earn and use to help me understand, evaluate and rehab the shoulder.  When I do not know an answer or notice a consistent weakness I normally head towards gaining understanding.

Fortunately I have some friends and colleagues that can help me gain understanding.

Bubba has 3 shoulder surgeries under his belt and needs a fourth.

Marcus Knox, a Physical Therapist for Houston Methodist, joins the podcast for the first time.

What is this podcast about?

Always improving the profession of athletic training…but if you are this far into it you probably mean this specific one.

Here we are focusing on shoulder anatomy to review, identify some tips and discuss some unusual anatomy findings of the shoulder.

Need some resources?

Marcus recommends: The Student Physical Therapist

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Shoulder Anatomy

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Show Notes:  Click to see the full show notes


Dichotomy of Leadership in AT – 486

Are you too extreme?

There is always a balance or dichotomy of leadership.  You can be too aggressive or not aggressive enough.

In Leadership you can be a micro-manager or not hands on enough.

You can be disciplined and follow all the rules, but not have room for flexibility or changes.

A leader must also be a follower.

Each point they discuss more in the book.

John and I cover what we are learning and applying so far through this month of leadership in AT series.

Dichotomy of leadership, leadership, dichotomy, leadership dichotomy

John had his book signed at Roll Call

In their second book Dichotomy of Leadership Jocko and Leif discuss how they have to constantly find balance and come back and clarify some points from Extreme Ownership.

Want to listen to the whole series?

Extreme Ownership

Director of Sports Medicine Kurt Andrews

Goal Setting in Athletic Training with Brandy Currie

Athletic Director Ross Cooper

Manger of Athletic Training with Christina Eyers

Leading Into Retirement with Larry Cooper

Dichotomy of Leadership

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Frio Hydration – My favorite hydration equipment.

Hoist logo; rapid hydration


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We have heard from several people already about their leadership style, experiences, lessons and how the podcasts are impacting them.

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Leading into Retirement – 483

Are YOU Green and Growing?

Larry Cooper returns to the Sports Medicine Broadcast talking about how he is Leading into Retirement (and still leading ATs after retirement.)

Brandy Currie just explained why experience is not the best teacher rather reflection on experience.

Leading Into Retirement; Larry Cooper; DragonFly Max

Larry Cooper is reflecting on his leadership in Athletic Training over the years.  John Ciecko has plenty of questions for Larry about leadership failures and successes.

Join our journey to grow our influence as Athletic Trainers, as co-workers, spouses and parents.

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Want to listen to the whole series?

Extreme Ownership

Director of Sports Medicine Kurt Andrews

Goal Setting in Athletic Training with Brandy Currie

Athletic Director Ross Cooper

Manger of Athletic Training with Christina Eyers

Leading Into Retirement with Larry Cooper

Dichotomy of Leadership

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