Doctorate Degree as an AT

Seeking your Doctorate Degree? Which one should you choose: DAT, Ph.D., or Ed.D.?

Dr. Matthew Drescher earned his DAT and is enrolled in a Ph.D. program at Indiana State University. Dr. Nikki Harris earned her DAT and is enrolled in a Ph.D. program. Scott Mullet just enrolled in a Ed.D program.

Join the conversation to see why they chose their doctorate degree. After listening to the podcast reach out to them and ask your specific questions.

We recently recorded a podcast on the DAT where Mat discussed the ins and outs of that program.

We followed that up with a podcast about the PhD as an AT

Scott Mullett joins the podcast to discuss why he chose the EdD in Interprofessional Leadership

Which doctorate degree should Stephone baker choose?

What would be a salary difference between the PhD and DAT and EdD?

Do not chase the dollar signs…

Why should I consider the DAT?

There is a shift in our profession

How have your young professionals been able to balance the workload and earning a doctoral degree?  

Start practicing good time management now.

Make sure the stakeholders in your life are fully aware of the demands.

Balance is an inaccurate word.  It is not equal, but we emphasize or focus on certain things at different times.

How can I use my Doctoral degree in AT?

We got the turf replaced by tracking the data and telling the admin.

It is a multiplier 

“What can you not do?”

Any funding available for earning these doctorates?

Athletic Trainers do a really bad job of asking…we just assume there is not any.

University settings usually have terminal degree programs if you stay on for a certain amount of time.

Preceptors can earn credits at certain programs.

Watch the Doctorate Degree Facebook video (there was an audio issue…be warned)

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