Meghan Johnson

Meghan Johnson is a College Athlete, Credentialed Athletic Trainer, Softball Team Captain and graduate student.

Dr. Krystal Tyree asked to hear more of her story so Joel over at Athletic Training Chat and I split the interview. Check out Meghan's background interview before or after this one.

Meghan Johnson

My friend Joel over at ATChat already interviewed Meghan so go check that one to get the first part of Meghan’s story. 

Meghan, what is your dream job as an AT?

My dream job is not really out on the market.  I think I need to create it.

I want to work with college athletics caring for the mental health aspect of injuries and rehab. 

How important is working in college athletics?

In my undergrad clinical rotations I had a good bit of experiences including: secondary schools, private schools, public schools, Collegiate Division three. 

I got to kind of dabble in a little bit of everything in my clinical rotations.

I'd be very happy working wherever would give me the opportunity to marry these two concepts of Counseling and Psychology and Athletic Training

Dr. Krystal Tyree – what did your exposure to being an AT and Athlete look like?

College Basketball player

Tore my ACL

Transferred school and tore it again.

I decided not to continue with basketball as the mental health aspect was weighing heavy on me.

I focused on finishing my degree and becoming an Athletic Trainer.

Meghan, are sports over for you?

I still have next year left to play sports.

I am in my 3rd year of playing softball and my first year of graduate school.  I have one more year of schooling and softball then I will do the clinical requirements.

Dr. Tyree, what would you have said to Meghan about playing and finishing up your studies?

Great job, I could not do it because I wanted to work and earn some money and move out of the dorms.  We did not have any real mental health coaching back then.

Meghan, are you currently working as an AT?

I actually do pick up per diem hours so I can work at my own pace and focus on school and softball as much as possible.

Is there a struggle with just being the athlete and not the athletic trainer on the team?

We have a lot of athletic training students who play sports.  Our university is pretty good at referring to the AT Facility and staff when we are in season.

Of course there is still a struggle with setting those boundaries for myself and my teammates.

If there was an emergency then I would obviously step in but otherwise they went to the on duty person.

Life balance: How did you do it with being an AT student and softball captain? 

I learned not to spread myself too thin.

I did what I had to but I do not think I would enjoy continuing at that pace.

I had to learn to fill up my cup before I could pour out and fill up others.

Was there anything you wish you had said yes to but could not?

A team doctor tried to connect me with and athlete patient of theirs to discuss the mental health aspect of recovery.

I was scared and unsure of myself.

If you had to choose being an athlete or athletic Trainer which would you have chosen and why?

I would choose Athletic Training if I had to choose one but that is a really hard decision.

BOC results just came back. Did you pass on the first try?

Yes, but it is only a test, and if you failed then do not let that define you.  Prepare and take it again.

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