PhD for an AT

The teacher of philosophy or PhD is usually a research-focused degree. Dr. Matt Drescher is seeking his because he wanted to answer some questions. He also sees his career leading him to teaching the Athletic Trainers of tomorrow.


What is the PhD?

The term doctor comes from – to teach

A doctor is a teacher and there are obviously many different versions.

Technically medical doctor are physicians

Doctor of philosophy which is theory and application of that theory.

You are doing the research to create the theories

Not always applying them into practice

The art form of a PhD is being able to apply the abstract idea into practice.

The EdD is similar to the DAT – advanced clinical practice degree.

Which ones would benefit an AT?

Core Values…make your connection towards that.

I am really curious about the answers to these abstract things.  I want to find the answers to the questions.

Being able to read the research and synthesize that to your patient population.

What programs are good for an AT to earn a PhD?

Core Values

Medical school

PT School

Ph.D. – education



Basically anywhere

What paths have you seen ATs pursue after earning a PhD?

The PhD is kind of like the steward that is guiding the profession through the profession and towards growth.

Most Ph.D. ATs have practiced but were not getting answers so they went to find them.

Only about 10% of people finished their PhD globally.

Why should I not choose the PhD?

  • To make more money
  • Ok with taking the facts (do not really dig into the details)
  • If it does not fit your core value

Simon Sinek the infinite game

Final thought:

If you have those questions reach out to a researcher in that field and start to work in that area.

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