Path to Leadership

Rick Cox has used the Sports Medicine Broadcast on his path to leadership. Through John's Leadership series Rick has been able to strengthen and improve as a leader in Athletic Training and at home.

An interesting fact: Rick was wearing his Sports Medicine Broadcast shirt when he dislocated his elbow rock climbing.

Path to Leadership; Rick Cox

“The world is always full of the sound of waves. The little fishes, abandoning themselves to the waves, dance and sing and play, but who knows the heart of the sea, a hundred feet down? Who knows the depth?”

Why did you choose that line from Musashi?

Well it illustrates a person's path to their given occupation or specialty. (Musashi) 

We may see the outside but do we ever really know the true path that person took to get where they are now and more importantly, where they are going in the future? 

Who is Rick? 

  • Year 3 at Suffolk Head AT
  • was satisfied for a while as an assistant
  • Realized that just being part of the staff was not going to be good enough, but he knew he needed to learn.
  • I am constantly questioning “what could I be doing better”

What started Rick on his path to leadership? 

  • Had no experience 
  • Did a lot of reflection and questioning himself
  • Makes small changes

How did he do it?

  • A lot of reading, but not focusing on a single person
  • Simon Sinek
  • Ryan Holiday
  • Military tends to lend itself to leadership

“Football (soccer) is life sped up”

Life / Athletics and war are not the same thing but lessons can be learned

You realize people have gone through some tough situations and you are not alone.

What have been some of the leadership lessons you have realized? 

There are examples everywhere

The election is an example

What are some of the universal truths you have learned?

Not placing blame


“Take the blame and give out credit” – Rick Cox

In my path to leadership, building relationships has been one of my strengths and it has grown our influence with our athletes and coaches.

Honesty with harshness

When have you had to relearn the lessons?

Year on we had a baseball player in the clinic and our Ortho wanted the athlete to go to the ER.

We were busy and did not communicate with each other and the coach.

The following day the baseball coach was pretty upset.

Rick’s first instinct was to place blame, but before he spoke he remembered the lessons…”You are right, we messed this up”

Have you seen improved relationships on your Path To Leadership?

Not to the point of being “buds” but there have been improvements

John busted his butt to build relationships, made progress but then for some reason it reset once the season was over

It is like building a garden.  You have to replant each year

What have been other benefits to your Path to Leadership?

  • I am still struggling with this at home and have not been able to transition this to home

What has been the outcome? 

  • I have become a better clinician
  • I am better as a leader due to this.

What would you tell a Young Rick Cox?

  • Humility


Anything by Jocko

Simon Sinek’s Leaders Eat Last and Start with WHY

Ryan Holiday’s The Obstacle Is The Way and Ego Is The Enemy

Dare to Lead – Brene Brown

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