Chinese Olympic Experience – 647

Ever wondered what it is like to have a Chinese Olympic Experience…and then get interrupted by a global pandemic/

Adam Stoyanoff joins John Ciecko to share his odd path to working with the Olympic kayaking team of China.

Chinese Olympic Experience

Where did Adam get his start?

I have been fortunate to observe and be part of many different things…some may seem wrong, but that is a closed-off perspective.

Assistant coaching at Boling Green University for 3 years – spent time with all sports

Worked with local high schools as a contract S&C coach

Then went out on his own as an independent contractor with 2 high schools and college.

This increased his diversity and ability to adapt his skills.

Then went to Boston to lead an afterschool program for 2-5th graders – larget challenge as you have to keep changing to keep them interested.

Learned it was important to keep contact and build relationships with parents so the kids and parents are doing and talking about the same thing.

Next job was to Dallas, Texas

Opened his eyes to see “there is always a reason why”

Did not spend his life thinking “How can I build my resume?”

He got a phone call from the Chinese canoe association that was training in Waco, about 1-2 hours from Dallas. That lead to him becoming a coach more than a coordinator.

Juataga Portugal was their training site and also made the canoes they were using.

Lived on the training compound with the athletes

More about his Chinese Olympic Experience

Coaching vs coordinating

Coordinating is more like the AD role – dealing with all of the wants and needs

It will stress your relationship building skills

As the coordinator, you are in a service position and making sure everyone has everything they need and want.

“Rocky 4 was a documentary right?” – John Ciecko

But really that is what life is like, someone is always watching you and videotaping

You should always act as if there is a camera on you.  Even in your moments of weakness.

“What are you doing when nobody is looking – definition of Integrity”

You have to stop, observe and listen to understand why a person may be acting a certain way

Chinese athletes are taken out of school at 12-13 years old to be an athlete.

Lessons Learned

The coaches who are and were doing well put their ego aside and were there to serve and help.

Calm and stillness with a few deep breathe

Do not take it personally when a Serbian coach yells at you for setting a plate down to loud and disturbing their athlete.

He was working with professional athletes…professional kayakers who wee making millions

I can get you that info, I need to find the best way to get that to you safely.

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