Krampade – An Intro – 646

Krampade claims to stop cramps through science. John Ciecko, Sofia Mata, and I provide some anecdotal evidence.


Our experience with Krampade


Tasted it. it tastes and feels like cloudy or salty water should.

I have never had an athletic related cramp so I can not vouch for the effectiveness

My wife tried it to validate the Menstrual cramp claim. She honestly hated it but she is not an active athlete or intense workout person.

My boys will drink it but it does not go down smooth.

With a little getting used to it i think players could get past the salty taste.

Jeremy's Athlete

Senior Male soccer player with a serious history of cramping during games.

he felt the product helped prevent him from cramping but drinking the whole bottle of water + Krampade left him feeling heavy.

With some fine tuning in intake and nutrition I think the athlete could really benefit from the product.

Sofia's experience

Personal – had a hard time drink it due to the salty nature. Did not feel the menstrual cramps were affected by drinking it either.

Sofia's Athlete using Krampade

Varsity female soccer player goes down with cramps. Sofia administers the Krampade and within minutes the athlete is back up and running like nothing happened.

John Ciecko's thoughts –

One swig in and one swig out…if you are not ready for the saltiness then you will spit it back out like he did.

Contraindications – 

Heart or kidney issues check with your doctor

Dietary contraindications –

nope…but two 4ks back to back will create osmotic diarrhea

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