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We are ordering Smart Cuffs by Smart Tools to provide Blood Flow Restriction training to our patients. Sofia has taken the course and we are excited to add this tool to the high school. First, we have some questions for Nick and Ed.

BFR is the ultimate biohack and tricks your body into “thinking it is doing a heavy load without the heavy load”

Ed LeCera
Smart Tools

Talk about the Gen 3 BFR cuffs that are fully automatic.

Gen 1 cuff in 2017 was kinda a POS

But they quickly learned that was not best practice

Multi-chamber system does not allow for limb occlusion.

The new systems are single chamber which are much more effective.

5 sizes of the cuffs that are over 4 inches

External doppler was chosen because it is close to the computer monitored systems

SmartToolsPlus is focused on taking what the expensive units do and making it affordable and compact.

Currently Two models of Smart Cuffs: commercial and consumer

It auto measures the LOP

3 steps, inflates in 45 seconds

The manual model is available, but the system auto senses occlusion and auto shuts off.

Keep it connected for autoregulation of pressure.

What is in Level 1 Smart Tools Training?

Level 1 is a rehab or clinical-based training that is from scratch.

It focused on getting the cuffs on and doing a hands-on workshop.

Discuss the recommended frequency and duration of treatment. 

It depends on the goal.

You can train multiple times per day as there is not any damage being done

One study showed D1 basketball players – 11% increase by using the cuffs on walking programs.

2-3x per week is as effective over the long run

I always have to ask about my elderly parents and grandparents.  How can Smart Tools be used with them safely?

Ischemic preconditioning – getting ready for surgery and being under a tourniquet

Cellular swelling protocol is great for reducing swelling.  As the limb starts to swell from the cuff, then the cells start to reabsorb the fluid which leads to muscle protein synthesis without the muscle damage

Lots of growth factors start moving

Bottom Line: We want to drive growth hormone

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We currently have a Spring Sale going on. 25% off and free shipping SmartCuffs Basic and Personal sets (code: smart25):

Our Level 1 live courses booked for this year: course for $59 How to Train Clients Online: A Guide to Virtual BFR Training :

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