Sports Nutrition with Mandy Tyler – 644

Mandy Tyler is a RD working with pro, collegiate and high school athletes in the San Antonio Area.

She joins us for some key points to remember when fueling for performance

Mandy Tyler

Fueling for performance for games and practice

Eating frequently throughout the day and establish an eating routine for each day

Improving variety in your diet

Timing and wholesomeness of the foods for snacks

Eat every 3-4 hours everyday and plan your meals out

Follow the rule of 3s (3 meals, 3 snacks)

Mandy Tyler presents 3 keys to fueling performance

Key #1 – Do Not Workout on EMPTY 

You can train your stomach like you train your lungs and muscles…work up to a regular breakfast

DON'T eat high fat or fried foods low fiber

Game Day meals closer to the event- hi-carb low protein 

Meal day before high protein (steak, spaghetti with lean meat sauce)

Key #2 – Recover after a workout

Ideal goal recover time within 30-60 min after

Fuel up as you cool down

Need carbs and protein

Freebird or Chipotle might be a great recovery meal

Key #3 Stay hydrated

Decrease performance can happen when 2-3% dehydrated

Post pee color posters in the bathrooms.

Water throughout the day and save sports drinks for competitions

An ounce is about the equivalent of a big gulp.

Need 4-6 ounces of water per 20 mins

Cool not ice cold

Drink do not pour it on your head

Supplements are NOT well regulated

If a supplement works then it might have a banned substance

You are responsible for anything you put in your body.

If it says “boost testosterone” it is likely got a steroid in it

Careful taking pre-workout because they throw everything in them

Look for third party testing for supplements

Do not model drinking energy drinks… it’s just bad practice

Food is energy

Alcohol – interferes with recovery

5 drinks delays up to 72 hours

Other points presented today:

Athletes plates versus my plate model

Olympic committee has an example of this

Consuming adequate calories and protein especially recovery

Immune Health – stay hydrated

Use herbs and spices

Omega-3 fatty acids

Increase variety of fruit and vegetables (more color the better)

Vitamin D

Tart Cherry Juice 


Eating out – make the best of the worst choices

Get it on a bun

Get it on wheat when you can

Milk or juice instead of soda

Avoid supersizing

BUILDING muscle mass

Rule of 3 is important

Eating machine – schedule

Prepare meals and snacks

End day with a large evening snack

Energy Dense foods (avocados)

Weight control – do not sacrifice performance nutrition for weight loss.

Avoid sugary drinks

Nutritious snacks, lean protein to stay satisfied 

Avoid empty calories (frappuccinos, soda, energy drinks) to cut calories 

Ideal body weight has little relevance to performance. 

Focus on performance not body weight

Importance of sleep – get 30 extra minutes of sleep per night


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Mandy Tyler's Lessons learned: 

  • Nutrition common sense
  • Expect the unexpected
  • Ask questions
  • Be creative and find solutions
  • Work as a team
  • Keep learning

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