Why Athletic Trainers – 643

Dr. David Schmidt and Marc Powell discuss Why Athletic Trainers are so important.

Why Athletic Trainers

What was your first interaction with an Athletic Trainer?

He did not have an AT in high school

Dr. Schmidt's first experience was as a resident

He learned why Athletic Trainers are crucial…on field evaluations.

How did you and Marc Powell meet?

Marc called Dr. Schmidt pretty much everyday…then it became a habit.

Now he looks forward to the regular interaction.

Why are ATs important from the physicians standpoint?

  • unique skill set
  • on field evaluation

Share some stories

  • Dr. Schmidt always took the phone calls… every day
  • He was a mentor and allowed me to grow as an Athletic Trainer
  • Dr, Schmidt endorsed Marc and really pushed him forward
  • Marc can not shoot a deer

Did you intentionally mentor Marc Powell?

well, I did not have a choice…

I really try to treat all ATs the same

Dr. Schmidt wants each AT to know that are not an island. You are not practicing all alone.

What is an important to growth as an AT?

We need to continue to push the envelope for ATs

insurance recognition is critical

Push it forward with each setting – Tactical, Industrial, Collegiate, Secondary

How can a young AT build a similar relationship?

  • Listen
  • Pay attention
  • Ask Questions

What makes a good team physician?


Ability to get athletes in quickly

What are you currently doing to advance sports Medicine

  • Prevention
  • Load Management
  • Understanding the importance of recovery

Thoughts on Why Athletic Trainers are important?

Always seek to get better and tools to your tool box.

Explain who we are…just keep talking.

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