Compex Live – 617

We have been testing the units and now Brandon Hearn – Product Guru for Compex – joins the Sports Medicine Broadcast to discuss Compex live. We have lots of questions and he has lots of answers.

The Compex is not Complex” – Brandon Hearn

Do you have a Compex Unit?

We plan to have another discussion down the road but what tips, tricks, or uses have you found for helping athletes (yourself included) to recover and heal using NMES units like Compex?

What questions do you need answers to?

Compex Live; Compex Edge, NMES; AT Uses; Brandon Hearn

Want a sweet deal?

During our Compex live podcast, Brandon extends a pretty sweet deal towards the end of the show for podcast listeners. You can get one of the upper-level units for a base unit price.

Buying through an approved vendor?

MioTech has great prices and great customer service.

Current prices for the units discussed:

  • Fix Massage Gun – $165
  • Theragun G3Pro – $599
  • Marc Pro – $655
  • Compex Edge 2.0 – $140

Best use ideas to get started?

If you are brand new to (or taken an extended break from) exercise then START SLOW…

John, Sofia, myself and Coach Caballero all went way too heavy to start.

We were struggling to walk, tie shoes or do most things normally. SO BE WARNED!!!

Using squats as an example:

  • Hook the pads up as shown on the Compex website for the area you are trying to target.
  • Turn the device on
  • Select Resistance
  • Select the muscle group
  • leave the radiator image on

The top 2 uses for the devices:

  1. Clearing of lactic acid in 7 minutes or less on the blood flow or warmup setting.
  2. Increase muscle recruitment to improve training sessions.

Another great use for the device is pre and post-surgery. hooking the device up quad and hamstring simultaneously. This way they are all firing at the same time without movement. Decreasing muscle atrophy and improving long term outcomes.

Compex pads are expensive…

DON'T buy cheap ones on amazon. Brandon says the pads are more expensive to provide a better product and provide more safety. The cheap pads can actually cause burns to the skin if the adhesive is missing.

I bought some and we are going to test it out on ourselves…not on patients.

Two other safety features we learned about during the Compex Live session:

  1. Biphasic current means the electricity goes into and out of the body through the pads.
  2. You can not charge the device while operating it.

John, Sofia, Coach Caballero and I really tested these things out.

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