COVID Care with Paul

What are you doing to provide quality COVID Care and Prevention?

Paul Calloway of MiotechGroup joins us to discuss some of the options available to prevent the spread of COVID and other communicable diseases.


What is new in COVID care?

NanoBio – the average person touches their face

BZK kills 99.9% + the negatively charged bacteria

Nasal Swab basically creates a line of defense

Microsure surface protectant

Let’s talk about washing hands


Up to 200 applications

Spray rub and let your hands dry

BZK has antiseptic properties

Surface disinfectant

Microsure surface protectant

Protective barriers

MS Sports & Healthcare – basically a bag that goes between the.


The materials used for masks is the same used for underwrap

There are no alot of places the produce vinyl gloves.

Some of the hospital systems are using 2 years’ worth of gloves in 90 days.

Purell has a food service-rated disinfectant.  Look for the foodservice disinfectant products for things that are dealing with food.

What do you think?

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