Cryotherapy Research with Sean Kennedy

Cryotherapy Research discussion with Sean Kennedy, live from the Memorial Hermann Sports Medicine Update. What is current science telling us?

Cryotherapy research

Cryotherapy – What do you tell them?

We have a lot of interpretations, so it makes it hard for there to be clear guidance

Cryo after injuries – there is no hard science about dosing for ice

Think about the messaging (chemical and nerve) that may be delayed

There is a place to allow the swelling to do its job.

Evidence shows compression edges out ice but can be used together easily.

Listen to the theories and allow your mind to be open. Do not be a stagnant clinician.

Cold water emersion

We used to believe it would send them into shock and the heat would stay in the core

All position statements say full body immersion is the standard to lower core temperature

Joint application only could take 80 minutes to cool the body

It could be 3-5 minutes with cold water immersion

Cryotherapy Recovery from workout

What is the value of reducing the perceived soreness from the damage that was done?

If you are trying to mask the fatigue by ice bath you are increasing the risk of injury.

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