Supply Chain Concerns for 2023

Supply chain issues are still causing problems for Athletic Trainers. Thankfully Paul Calloway has the inside scoop to help us stay ahead of it.

Supply Chain Concerns 2023 with Paul Calloway

AEDs – there has been a shortage for a little while.

Shortage in components and an uptick with purchasing after Damar Hamlin incident

Hospital suppliers have more access than sports medicine suppliers


Tough to get – QDA, Tuff Skin, Adhesive, Cold Spray

  • All are unavailable for the foreseeable future possibly until 2024.
  • Magic spray and stick em’
  • May not be available in as many varieties

Shortages cause price increases

M-tack from Mueller is a pump spray

Gatorade chews 

Still in short supply

They have basically taken those out of the options

Cliff bar energy chew is an alternative


There has been a bit of pressure in the foam market.

Pre-wrap and under wrap continue to be problems for sourcing

Price increases should be expected

Looking at about $1 per roll

OTC meds 

More so with Medique brand products

They have been struggling for about 2 years to get things leveled out.

You may need to buy in the bulk bottle

Athletic Tape

Coach tape from J&J was bought by BSN Medical

The price has gone up but it is back and available again.

Elasticon has been brought back as well

Zonas 1-inch box tape is back in production as well.

Other concerns

There tends to be consolidation of SKUs…like there may be fewer options for ankle braces

Mueller has discontinued some of the medkit lines.

Not a whole lot of new products out this year

Prices will continue to generally increase


We are paying more in freight now than last year.  Even if it says free shipping, it still has to come out of the costs.


If there are a few sacred items put no substitutions but be willing to consider alternatives on most other products.

Andover was bought by Millican…they are the same, but just now switching branding

They did discontinue some of the niche items

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