Daniel Ruedeman – Changing Settings

Daniel Ruedeman discussed his journey to Orthopedic Trauma with Sandy Harris of the ATCorner Podcast

Daniel, where did you start as an AT? How long were you there?

Started in the clinical outreach setting

I was an intern in the traditional high school setting

Moved to Tennessee for a traditional setting for 3 years

Was awarded a Stedman Hawkins fellowship and started working an outreach job.

Long hours were wearing me out so I became an outreach manager at a small private practice

I am currently working in OrthoTrauma – 4 x 10s

No outreach responsibility

Is this where you plan to stay?

I have had opportunities to move up in the admin side but pulled back because I look forward to going to work each day.

What pushed you to change settings?

The team physician back in Tennessee invited me to come to work in the clinic setting.

I did not see the connection with the patient like they had at the clinic

Tate Ericson came in and started running the outreach program and we started growing the program like crazy.

The history you are taking with the family and patient in the clinic is different from the one on the sidelines.

Becoming an Office Admin –

Being a stay-at-home dad I knew I needed to find something.

I applied for the office manager spot but they offered the back office manager spot.

I learned a lot about the roles and responsibilities but i missed the clinical experience.

How did you articulate your capabilities?

I take pride in having the staff’s back and supporting them.

I always felt like this was missing in my AT jobs 

Finding more ways to talk to people and building bonds.

How can I provide for them?

What held you back from moving on?

What is the pay

Am I going to be happy

I have connections from each stop along the way and losing that connection caused me to hesitate.

Trauma was a new challenge for me.

Favorite resource for someone looking to change settings?

Do your research on the demands of the job

Talk to people

Know your motivation and what you need for your fulfillment.

Making the changes taught me about myself at each step of the way.

Trust your gut

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