Tanya Watson – Changing Settings

Where did you start as an AT? How long were you there?

Tanya Watson

Started out as a College AT at Division 1 Mid Major Universities, Interned at my Alma Mater New Mexico State University for a semester, then Grad School at the University of Wyoming, My First Job was at the University of Alabama Birmingham for 2 years, then at the University of Southern Mississippi for 3 years. 

Then life got Lifey, my parents were getting older and having health problems so I needed to move back home. I was able to find a job in a Physician's Practice and worked there for 5 years. 

When I felt that I had hit the “ceiling” and was not growing professionally I was looking to leave, and my Alma Mater was in need of an emergency hire to teach in the Athletic Training Program. I taught Full time for 2 years, then adjunct for 2 years. 

A local High School position opened up so I applied and accepted that position for a year. That high school was not a good fit, but have now been at my current High school for 4 years. 

Where are you now?

Texas 6A High School

Is this where you plan to stay?

No intention of moving on anytime soon. 

Tanya, what pushed you to change settings?

Life 🙂 

A favorite resource for someone looking to change settings?

NATA has a lot of great resources on job descriptions, committees, etc. 

For those interested in the Physician practice the Athletic Trainers in Physician Practice Society has a lot of great info and job postings https://atpps.org/ 

Regrets or missed opportunities

The physician practice setting – I wish I could have grown it.

When it was time to make the change it wasn't hard to make that decision.

It took a while to recognize I needed a change.

Mental and physical exhaustion

The clinical setting did not provide me with the mental challenge I craved.

Find what takes priority in your life and make a career decision based on that.

Athletic Training is NOT my Identity

Jeremy Jackson

Tanya Watson – @tewatc on Twitter and Instagram

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