Fueling Recreation Runs

I run for recreation, to keep myself healthy, and to set an example for my kids, students, co-workers, and family. Meredith Sorenson runs because she is good at it…like really good. KP runs because he does not want to break his streak.

Regardless of why we are all recreation runners now and need to refuel.

recreation runs

Meredith, give us a quick tip in case someone turns it off after this.

If you are running do not cut carbs

Kyle – SIX YEAR recreational run streak…let’s talk about that

Started with one month in college and then just kept going.

I was a cross country runner and baseball player in high school.

Now running is for recreation.

Meredith as a collegiate runner what were your eating habits?

In high school, I ran about 30 miles per week

In college, it went to about 55+miles.

I continued with under-fueling which lead to stress fractures since I was cooking for myself.  

I was not good a preparing or planning ahead.  I did not bring snacks.

75 miles in a week is my personal record

GO TO Breakfast

I have a sensitive stomach…so I tried a lot of sports drinks with carbs.

Bananas and clif bars do not work for me

GoGo fruit squeezes work for me.

How are the demands for a steeplechaser different from a straight runner.

You need more muscles than you usually do running

It is a 3k race with barriers and the barriers do not move.  One time I ran into one and got a really big bruise on my knee to show for it.

There is a lot more pounding involved

As an adult / recreational runner how have you changed?

Currently a 40+ mile per week runner

Recovery after runs is a priority at this stage in my life.

I learned to cue into my hunger signals.

Athletic Trainers are like every other profession, some are fitness nuts and some are very unhealthy.  Give us some more depth of fueling the recreation runs.

Early morning you could skip the food if it is low intensity short (under an hour) duration.

In higher intensity runs you need to get something small then follow up with a good breakfast.

You have 60 or less to pick one of these for fuel…lets see how you do!!

Jeremy – Hershey's bar with almonds

Kyle –  Hershey bar without

Jeremy – Protein shake

Kyle – Protein bar

Kyle – Oreos

Jeremy – Gatorade chews

Jeremy – Hot Cheetos or Takis

Kyle – Pringles

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