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Valerie Tinklepaugh-Hairston presented on Recovery at the Trinity Sports Medicine Conference in 2022. I had some questions about her presentation because I like technology and toys.

Mike Hopper has some questions about Kelvi and was being an AT Nerd and watching the Facebook live of her presentation.

Valerie Recovery Kelvi

Food, Sleep Hydration…Valerie, give us something fancy…

  • Tell them why they need these things
  • 61% injury reduction rate when these issues are mitigated

The Sports Nutrition playbook

Movement is Medicine – Active recovery is king

  • Alternate activities
  • Vary heart rates

Explain the co-contraction with the Theragun a little more…

We need external stimuli to help the internal stimuli get moving.

This could be done without a percussion gone but would be tiresome. You are basically poking the bear until it wakes up and chases you.

You talk about needing an inflammatory response but knowing when to step in and help control it.

This is the way we were biologically made

It is basically the EMS crew coming in with the wrecker crew and the fireman to sweep up, clean up, haul off the bad stuff and get traffic flowing again.

Pain is great, but sometimes those sensors just get stuck on.

Treat the individual and not the symptom.

Valerie tell us about Kelvi

You really need to see it to believe it. The ability to go from hot to cold in 15 seconds is amazing.

The technology is incredible, we have sensors inside the sleeve that measures and maintain the skin temperature.

Pain management is one area Ice and Heat have really shown beneficial.

Preparation to work is a great way to use the heat feature.

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