How It Ended

Jamie shares How It Ended, an amazing partnership between AT and AD to transform the culture of sports medicine in a community.

How It Ended
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Jamie, go back over the timeline.

DME – I wanted to be in the high school setting so I knew DME was short term

A&M Consolidated – 2 years, then I left to be the head AT, open a new school, and work alongside my husband.

Rudder in Bryan ISD 11 years – AT and public health mirror each other in the area of prevention. I felt called to go into public health and work with low socioeconomic status.  We housed a few homeless students during our time there. During the master's, I got connected with HR and the school safety department. Felt like I hit a ceiling and thought it may be because we were married and did not want to put a spouse in charge of the other.

The move to Brenham would really challenge me to grow.

Assistant AD of Sports Med in Bryan ISD

Brenham – 4 years

Waller ISD

Coach Allen, where are you now?

Giddings Texas – DC / Head AT

Houston Stratford HC/CC – 16 years

Head AD in Benham because we wanted to retire

Bastrop allowed me to be just the AD not a coach anymore.

What is the legacy y’all left?

Coach Allen – Do what is best for kids, even if it is tough for adults.

Jamie – I would hope people would see how deeply I care about making the whole system.

I hope that through my work, people would see that we win when there is a team approach.

You discussed the talks at SWATA and NATA, what do you want to clarify?

The AT department needed a lot of tender loving care.

When I got into I realized how much prep work I needed to do.

Use the PASS or SSSA to guide you and make sure you evaluate your program

I was in the middle of getting my hands dirty and realized I did not have sinks.  Coach Allen came in and made it happen within a few days. 

Coach Allen, speak to the AT, how do they start the process of building what y’all built?

A lot of times there is a natural divide between the 2

Athletic Trainers are fearful the coach won’t listen and follow instructions

Coaches are fearful every player will be set out.

Be willing to pitch in and do the extra things.

Build trust

Call to action:

ATs – try not to take on responsibilities that are not yours and then let it become your job or expected of you.

If I did someone else's job, I would remind them to take care of it.

Jamie is one of the most efficient people I know.  She handles people and situations really well.  

She went out and earned the changes and I was able to go in and ask for it.

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How It Ended
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