Medical Screening with Dr. Laura Purdy

Dr. Luara Purdy goes over what we know at this point about Damar Hamlin and the importance of accurate medical history.

Dr. Laura Purdy

Dr. Purdy, what do we know at this point about Damar Hamlin?

Has a background of sickle cell trait

Almost no commentary of known information about his heart.

He suffered sudden cardiac death and was resuscitated

Usually, the athlete has something leading up to an episode with hypertrophic cardiomyopathy

Underwent induced hyperthermia and was put into a coma

If there are not any problematic findings he could be cleared to play again and perform rehab.

Any inaccurate info out there we can help correct?

COVID virus and vaccine – causes mild carditis

COVID is not the only virus or vaccine that causes this.

The heart is a muscle and our bodies are filled with muscles from head-to-toe

Most viruses cause inflammation of muscles.

The flu makes your whole body hurt…muscles.

Myocarditis hurts every time your heart beats

A colleague had a kid turn in a physical without documentation of being insulin dependent. What are your thoughts?

This is so dangerous – everyone involved needs to be aware and know how to deal with the possible complications.

They need to have insulin available and food available all the time.


Dr. Purdy, what are some non-reported medical conditions that cause problems?



Any history of previous injury

Head injuries


Discuss the sports physical versus a routine / developmental physical.

Most athletes are going to feel healthy

A routine annual physical is designed to take a look at your health head to toe and risk factors.

We have limited time with them during this.

By having a sports physical we give two opportunities for the doctor to see the patient. And the sports physical would be scheduled for more time.

Telehealth – 

The physical exam would change the outcome

We do have smart stethoscopes but we are not there yet.

Still get your sports physical in person if at all possible

Offload the other visits to telehealth and free up the doctor for more in-person time

Athletic Trainers are the first line of defense in protecting the athletes.

If you see something please say something.

Jeremy Jackson

Dr. Laura Purdy –

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